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Legend Paul Simon Says He’s Done Writing Music



Paul Simon, at 76 says he done making lyrics. According to NPR music, his farewell tour closes in just a few weeks in Queens, New York, not very far from his childhood home. And even though he recorded five studio albums with Art Garfunkel, made 14 solo albums, scored a film and wrote a Broadway musical, it’s actually been a few years since Paul Simon has written a new song. As he says in this incredible and candid conversation, the future of his artistic life is something he puzzles about.

He said “Well I haven’t written a new song in a couple of years, now. I think after [the 2016 album] Stranger To Stranger, a funny thing happened when I finished – I literally felt like a switch clicked and I said, ‘I’m finished. What I’m really interested in on a personal level are my dreams. I have a long history, really going back to like when I’m four, of violence dreams. Those dreams, they got so intense a few years ago that I took a trip down to Brazil to see this healer, John of God.”

Darling Lorraine,’ which I think is one of the best songs that I’ve ever written, the first time that I did it, the arrangement was so interesting and eclectic that I thought you couldn’t follow the storyline, because you were distracted by the sounds. So this time, I came and was very careful to try and allow for the storyline to go right through because if you don’t follow the storyline then the ending doesn’t have its power. And it’s also touching for me that this was the last time that [guitarist] Vincent Nguini – who was my friend and band mate for 30 years – this is the last recording that he made. He passed away last December.”

“We don’t have the capacity to understand the great mysteries of life and God or no God or infinity, we just can’t get it. It’s beyond us, but that’s fine. We’re not meant to get that. But the pursuit is so interesting. That, I think, it’s life sustaining and I think when you lose the interest in that pursuit you’re finished.”





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