Residents of Lugbe village along Airport Road in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, has expressed displeasure over what they called “constant extortion and cheating without electricity” meted on them by the staff of Abuja Electrical Distribution Company (AEDC) in the area.

Speaking in their anger, the residents therefore called on the government and agency like Consumer Protection Council (CPC) among others to come to their rescue as all efforts to address the issues proved abortive.

One of the residents, Mr Innocent Isaiah, revealed to our correspondent that AEDC officials never listen to residents no matter the strength of the complaint you brought before them, adding that they were only interested in distributing monthly bills and disconnection of light if you defect for just two days.

Isaiah asserted that AEDC staff are selective in providing electricity to residents living in the same location, stating that while some people in the same community enjoy electricity consistently, others in the same environment only see electricity periodically.

He stated that on several occasions, they had tendered complaints to their office in Lugbe zone 8, which is directly responsible to the people living in that community, but no solution has been provided.

According to him, “Even when we do not have light for two weeks in a month, they still come up with the same bills. Staff of AEDC in the area are always in a hurry to disconnect light so that they can collect disconnection fee of N1500 after you must have settled your bill.”

Another resident, Malam Sani Mohammed explained how necked wire from one of the electric pole cut off and was left on the ground for days, which he said killed a hen that mistakenly trampled on the necked wire instantly.

Sani maintained that he took the report to their office in Lugbe zone 8, but they could not come to fix the necked wire until the following day, saying that if not for the effort of the people of the community that barricaded the place, many people would have been killed.

He also lamented that for the past two weeks, there was no electricity in his environment, but other residents within the same area are presently enjoying the light undisturbed.

“Look, those in their head office here in Abuja need to do something urgently to avert this man made challenges we are passing through in Lugbe. We pay our bills promptly, and I see no reason why we are being treated differently. It is strange,” he complained.

One Ahmed of AEDC, Lugbe branch who spoke to our correspondent, stated that he has repaired the transformer that has been generating the problem, but investigation further revealed that some people in that community have no electricity as at the of filing this story.