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‘Capital Flight On Medical Services Killing Nigeria’s Economy’



A medical expert, Dr. Ken Duru has decried the negative effects of capital flight caused by the huge amounts of money expended by Nigerians seeking medical services abroad, saying the trend is killing the nation’s economy. Duru who stated this while unveiling his new hospital, JJaned Specialist Hospitals in Lagos said Nigerians can get most of the services here in the country. According to him, Nigerians can get after-care treatments as well as support from family members if they decide to get the treatment in the country rather than getting just the treatment overseas.

He said, “It doesn’t make sense again travelling to something that you can get at home. Not just that acute phase of your illness, but the after-care. Our traditional ways is for people to take care of their relatives, family to take care of their family. Once you are in a foreign land, you do that surgery, yes, you get that formal care from a nurse but it’s different from a family member. So in my opinion, I think they should think twice about that and they should look, research, we are in the age of information.’’ He called on the government to make it easier to do business in the country in order to reduce the rate of patients traveling outside the country to seek health care. According to him, Nigerian doctors who practice abroad are reluctant to return to Nigeria due to the challenge of poor, among others.

“For instance, in the UK, if you check the doctors that work for the NHS, that is the National Health Service, the Asians are more, followed by Nigerians. So, there are expertise, medical expertise overseas. And those people, if the government makes it easier doing business in Nigeria, I have colleagues that want to come provide those kinds of care that we enjoy over there.’’