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NTIC: Developing Capacity For Greater Efficiency



The Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC) in continuation of its tradition of excellence has hosted over 500 teachers drawn from its institutions in five states to a five-day intensive workshop aimed at preparing them for the beginning of the new academic session.
This year’s edition had a team of professional and personal development experts; international resource persons from the United Kingdom and some Nigerian scholars who groomed the teachers on the various methodologies in modern day teaching and learning.
The workshop also provided the opportunity for newly recruited teachers in the school to be inducted into the NTIC tradition of excellence by undergoing rigorous exposure to modern teaching tools and also the rudiments of learning in the 21st century.

The conference afforded teachers of various subjects the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as share their experiences with their colleagues from other schools with the aim of becoming better and resourceful for the new academic session.
Speaking to LEADERSHIP about the workshop, the Managing Director, NTIC, Mr. Orhan Kertim stated that it was aimed at getting the teachers prepared for the new academic session, adding that it was mandatory for the teachers to undergo such conference especially before the beginning of a new session for refresher courses that would aid teaching and learning.

“This is an annual workshop in preparation for the new academic session aimed at building on the successes of the previous academic session. It is mandatory for our teachers to undergo such conference, especially before the beginning of a new session for refresher courses that would aid teaching and learning. We emphasize excellence, hence the conference that provides that opportunity for the management of the NTIC to interact and engage with our teachers drawn from all our schools in five states in Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, Kaduna, Kano, and Yobe.
“The annual NTIC Teachers Conference is designed for all NTIC teachers. The reason behind this conference is because the success of students’ learning depends on the quality and performance of the teachers. So if the teachers know what they are doing regarding planning and adequate exposure, the students will be shaped accordingly academically. We at NTIC lay emphasis on training and teaching our teachers to be optimal in their teaching skills, and that is why we have made it mandatory to organise a teacher’s conference before the beginning of a new academic session,” he said.

Kertim added that international and Nigerian professionals were brought in to train the teachers so that they will benefit from their wealth of experience and in turn bring about positive impact on the students.
“This year’s edition is aimed at learning and sharing knowledge. We also envisage that after the workshop, the teachers would return to their classes feeling refreshed and with new teaching strategies. We also want to have a united teaching regime in our educational curriculum as much as possible because when these teachers come together, they work on the scheme of work together and as well as the standards expected of them. We also want to see that the same scheme of work is applied in all our schools for the attainment of the common goal which is academic excellence.

“We also have periodic teachers’ examinations to assess the quality of our teachers. We normally conduct our teachers’ examinations thrice in a year, and afterward, they are given areas of concentrations for their exams. And at the end of the day, we rank our teachers and give incentives to the top five teachers from each department. “We brought in two British international trainers; one of them is Julietta Shoemann who has been in the profession for over 30years for the secondary school section and the other resource persons for the primary school section. They are here to train our teachers because we are of the opinion that our teachers would benefit from their wealth of experience. We also have other Nigerian resources persons. We this, we hope our teachers would be more enriched and with different views on the latest teaching methods,” he said.

Explaining further, the Deputy Managing Director, NTIC, Mr Feyzullah stated that the returning and newly employed teachers are taken through the rudiments of interactive teaching and learning using different styles of learning.“The workshop is a five-day intensive training regime for returning and new teachers. As a policy, when you are employed as a teacher to the NTIC, it is mandatory for such a teacher to go through our teachers’ workshop and induction ceremony. Mostly the teachers are taken through the rudiments of interactive teaching and learning using different learning styles,” he said.
The guest speaker, Julietta Shoemann expressed satisfaction on the well-equipped classrooms in the school adding that the teachers were well also well-equipped regarding subject knowledge, and are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching.
“I started out as an English teacher in China in a low resourced environment, and that meant that the classrooms had nothing but a chalkboard and this meant that I had to be very creative and try to make the lessons engaging for the students. A lot of my work was in countries where teachers have limited resources.
“The NTIC School is different from what I have seen in the course of my career because the teachers are exposed to well-equipped classrooms. My main aim is how to promote student engagement in the classrooms.
“I am happy to be a guest lecturer at this conference. I am quite impressed with the school setup. The teachers are well equipped regarding subject knowledge, and they are very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and from my experience as a trainer, I could not have asked for more. I have visited a lot of schools around the world over the last 30 years and realised that teachers are usually one side in the way they teach students without training in new methods and techniques. They tend to stand in front of the class, gives a lecture, a student listen and the teacher writes on the board and students take note, and that is the end of the class. But this is not the case in NTIC.
“I think students have a lot of potentials, and I see a lot of wasted potentials in those kinds of classrooms. Given another opportunity, I would come again to the NTIC. The environment is indeed conducive to learning,” she said.
Speaking on the event, the principal, NTIC Boys, Abuja, Mr. Muazu Omeji stated that over 500 teachers drawn from their various schools in Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, Kaduna, Kano and Yobe states had attended the conference which he said gives the teachers insights of better ways of handling their students.
“The NTIC Teachers conference has become an annual event. The management of the NTIC feels it is a significant event because it gives our teachers the opportunity to discuss new issues in education, and to collaborate with each other with the view to finding solutions to classroom issues. This is so because teaching and learning require a lot of dynamics. One of the main problems in education is that is teachers ability to handle and motivate the pupils and students in the classrooms to be able to bring out the best in them so that success can be recorded. It has been quite tedious organizing such a conference, but we have our sights at the end product that requires that progress would be inevitable.
“This year’s edition has in attendance over 500 teachers drawn from our various schools in Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, Kaduna, Kano and Yobe states (both primary and secondary sections).
“At NTIC, we believe in training and retraining our teachers because if a teacher is well trained, he better handles students and whatever materials he has to present. And as our new teachers join the system, we give them the opportunity to learn from the old teachers and so for every department, the head of departments introduces the new teachers to a specific aspect of teaching and learning which would make their work much easier as time progresses.
“At the conferences, we usually discusses the curriculum and the books to be used for the new academic session, and we also review the previous academic session by looking at the challenges our teachers encountered in the course of their jobs and such instances, the various head of departments would lead the discussions with a view to providing solution to the challenges. It is more like a brainstorming session. In the end, through this collaboration solutions are proffered particularly to classroom challenges.
“The year’s edition also has in attendance two guest lecturers from the United Kingdom who have been assigned to motivate the teachers and also to introduce the teachers to new learning ideas in education in conformity to global standards. This is so because teaching and learning are very dynamic. If you remain static, you will be left lagging behind at the end of the day because new ideas abound every day. So one of the things we do is to invite professionals in the field of education,” he said.

Also speaking, Head of Department, English Language, Mr Hope Osifo stated that after the workshop, the participants will not only garner knowledge from the activities, but will also be given certificates at the end of the workshop.

“The NTIC organizes an annual teacher’s workshop to groom the teachers in an attempt to bring about new teaching trends in the system. The essence is also to bring out the best from the teachers. This year’s edition is of two phases. The first phase is for the returning teachers, and the second phase is for newly recruited teachers into the system, which is more like an induction ceremony. At the end of the workshop, the teachers would all be given certificates,” he said.




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