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PDP Not Dead In Nasarawa – Musa



Gospel Musa is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nassarawa State. In this interview, he says whereas the party is no longer in power in the state, it is still a formidable force

The PDP has been out of power for over seven years in Nassarawa State, do you think the people still have faith in the party?

It will interest you to know that Nassarawa is a PDP state. If you know how the APC governor emerged, you will understand why I said Nassarawa is a PDP state. The president did not win his election in Nassarawa state. In the last senatorial election, the person that won my zone was a PDP man. But the man refused to pursue his mandate and said, his father asked him to step down for the sitting senator. That was how we lost that seat and till date, the PDP has not forgotten that betrayal. So, the current senator is sitting on a PDP mandate.

What is your take on the recent invasion of the National Assembly by security operatives?
I was shocked because it was more of a legislative or civilian coup. It was an invasion. Let’s believe that it was God’s intervention, else nobody knows what would have become of Nigeria. Such shouldn’t be heard of in a democratic era. This is not an oligarchy. The National Assembly is an independent arm of government. It ought to exercise its rights. It should be treated as such. These are not councilors. They are the voice of Nigeria. Every Nigerian is represented here. It’s something I pray does not repeat itself.

The APC lawmakers have insisted that the Senate President must resign his position, following his defection to the PDP, do you think he should do that?
It’s funny. That is a selfish and self-centered statement because the senators have the right to choose their leaders irrespective of party affiliation. They didn’t chose a counsellor as their leader, it was a fellow senator. There is no law in Nigeria that says, the leader must be an APC person. but I still recall that, at a time Tambuwal decamped from PDP and the APC members then stood and say, no law has stipulate that, a member must be from a particular party before he will lead the chambers. The fundamental thing is to be a member or a senator. It is the same case here so and so nobody should call for the Senator Saraki’s résignation.

How will you assess the APC government of President Buhari ?
It’s unfortunate because I see Buhari as a man with a good heart, a man with a good purpose and dream for Nigeria but has the wrong people surrounding him. I pray that God will help him.

Back to insecurity, Nassarawa is one of those states effected, has anything been done to stop the attacks?
There must be a weakness or loophole somewhere, someone is not doing his job well. I was in Abuja in 1997-98 and I know how secure Abuja was because the military government made sure it was safe. The president has the same power at his disposal today, he can use the military and other constitutional powers to secure the land. I think something is not right. The government must be willing to end these killings. The government needs the political will to face this squarely.

If you have the opportunity to advice the government on how to stop these attacks, what will it be?
Every security agent must do his job. The police must be well equipped and trained to secure lives and properties

Does it mean you support the agitation for the creation of state police?
If it will stop these killings, then why not? If the state police will be able to police every nook and cranny of Nigeria, then let’s go for it. There is this saying that when Nigeria police want to work, they will work.

How will you asses the performance of Governor Tanko Al-Makura?
I won’t say he has done well or not but posterity will judge him. At least, he has constructed one kilometer road in every local government but the people expect more than that. We expect more from him. I am sure if the electorate are asked to vote freely, then you will know if Al-makura has done something in Nassarawa or not.




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