The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, submitted his governorship nomination forms yesterday and called on President Muhammadu Buhari to reconsider signing the electoral act 2010 amendment bill. The governor who underscored the essence of the bill, urged those who initially advised the president not to sign the bill to have a change of heart and urged him to do so because it will strengthen Nigerians democracy. He said the bill is the way forward for Nigeria.
He however dismissed fears of the All Progressives Congress (APC) making in roads in Akwa Ibom State, noting that the people of the state have experience development under the leadership of PDP.
He said “I know the publicity secretary of our party has been shouting over this issue, I just to add our voices as a people that we still expect that the president will change his mind and sign the electoral bill into law because that is the way forward for Nigeria. That is the only bill that can strengthen the democracy in this country.
“The change is in that electoral bill the expectations of Nigerians is in that electoral bill we believe the advisers who are advising the president not to sign it will also advise him to change his mind so that democracy can be strengthened in Nigeria.”
Emmanuel noted that PDP in Akwa Ibom State, is in full force, stressing that party remains strong in the state and the South south region.
He added “Let me let the people in Abuja know that my people all over the world for the first time came together and said this time I should be unopposed. I thank all of you for making it possible. I want to say to whom much is given much is expected it is a huge burden on PDP.
“But the people in Akwa Ibom have tested development. We have seen dividends of democracy through PDP. On PDP we stand and remain. No shaking. Akwa Ibom is PDP.”
“We are coming to assure the national not to mind what they are saying about the South-south. We are not only talking about Akwa Ibom but the entire south south. There is not shaking.”

He added that the PDP will reclaim some states after the 2019, adding “when we count the results we will know how many will be PDP states.”

No impunuth and imposytik. And all structure to help them win are help the party win in 2019

Responding however, the national organising secretary of PDP, Col Austin Akobundu, assured the governor that PDP has been rebranded even though it is still undergoing reformation.

He said the era of imposition of candidates and impunity belongs to the past.

He however thanked the govenor “for all his effort to rebuild the party and recalled how he alongside side his colleagues enabled the party leadership to make PDP the best destination ofNigerians.