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Group Moves To End Tribalism, Corruption In Nigeria



Leadership Nigeria News Today

A nongovernmental organisation codenamed: A Billion Doors Initiative has launched a formal campaign to end tribalism, corruption and negative orientations which it said has been a bane to Nigeria’s growth as a nation. The group which said it has no intention of being politically affiliated said its mission is to be the most determined generation in history to end tribalism and corruption, and the last generation to be threatened by poor education, insufficient health, unequal opportunities, and poor standard of living. “We will mentor citizens on the need to choose right over working, the need to choose good over bad, the need to refuse bribery, to stand by the truth, to pay their taxes, to abide by the law, respect the authority, and to accept one another regardless of religion or tribe,” founder of the initiative, Farida Ali Adamu said
Adamu said the foundation already has mind building and reorientation projects in three key areas as education, health and employment or trade to be executed across the federation, with 17 states as pilot, including Abuja as pilot phase of the projects.
Adamu acknowledged the heightened violence in Nigeria today and declared that “we aim to use many nedihns to mitigate violence.”
Speaking at a media briefing yesterday in Abuja, Adamu said the NGO is currently being funded by members, a situation she acknowledged cannot be sustained when she said “we are open to government and corporate partnership,” adding: “But we have to show the determination”.