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Juremi Foundation Takes Vocational Exercise To School Of The Blind



he rains of humanitarian gestures by Juremi foundation have again drizzled on physically challenged persons, as their team visited the school of blind people in Jabi, FCT, Nigeria recently. According to the coordinator, the recent reach-out program for blind people by Juremi team, was geared at giving them a better life and providing them with empowerment skills. The visit by Juremi team witnessed an established responsive relationship with the school of blind people and developed an initiative that created opportunities for students to learn some few vocational skills like candle production and processing.

The beneficiaries of program, which included special students from the blind institution, expressed gratitude to Juremi foundation for extending such charitable gesture to them, stating that the kindhearted support will not be forgotten. Emphatically, the Juremi Foundation team appreciated the coordination of students and the pace at which they were able to grab the skills which they empowered with, stating that a follow-up program will be initiated to manage the gainful relevance of the vocations.

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