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16 Back-To-School Fashion Must-Haves For The Trendy College Student



HURRAY! It’s back to school season again. Alas, the budding style queen or college fashionista, is faced with the challenge of picking out a stylish wardrobe, for the session. Taking into cognizant the current trends, weather and study load of the term or semester, here are 16 back-to-school fashion must-haves, any student style queen needs to stand out fabulously this session.

Sweaters and cardigans: Perfect for study nights and cold days, sweaters and cardigans tops our back to school style charts for the forth coming cold season.

Hats: The hat movement is stronger than ever so show off your style in session in felt or wide brim hats.

Vibrant colors: Add extra warmth to your looks in the coming cold session by wearing pop hues and pastel colors.

Tote bag: A tote bag is vital to carry books, keys, snacks and other essentials to get you through your school day. A minimalist tote looks super luxe and with the tons of personalised inscription option available today, its a great way to express ones individualism or stance stylishly.

African print Pants and Maxi: Great for comfort and Afrocentric style, the print pants and maxis are super chic fashion staples to rock to school this session.

Denim: The versatile nature of the denim fabric makes this a must-have back to school fashion item for the college queens and kings.

Trendy Sneakers: A comfortable pair of sneakers is a must buy as heading back to school always involves a lot of walking around campus.

Retro Sunshades: Add ultra-retro glam to your back to school style this session by spotting retro shades with your outfit. Who knows you might just start a fad in your school!

Sheer Pants: Though Sheer may not be appropriate for class, it’s perfect for the weekend with boho vibes

Stick-on Nail Art: The art of balancing life and study, is hard enough as it is, without the responsibility to look stylish. Using stick-on nail art instead of polish for your nails, will earn you some glam points and free more time for study.

Blazers& Jackets: A back-to-school wardrobe needs a collection of Jackets/ Blazers. Blazers are game changers that can be worn over T-shirts, blouses, dresses and more. They can completely rework an outfit.

Ankle Length Skinnies: Every girl needs a pair of ankle skinny jeans. They’re perfect with heels or booties.

Small Signatures: from midi rings, slim bracelets, tiny long handle sling purse to ear studs. Go vogue with small signatures as you head back to school this session.

Leather Moto jacket:Be sure to put a leather moto jacket on your back-to-school shopping list

Statement Big Clutch: for those style days when the tote bag doesn’t cut it but you still need to study, the big statement clutch is a handy item to balance study and style perfectly.

Pointies shoes and sling back sandals: For school events, having these babies in your school box can be a lifesaver.




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