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Nigeria Needs A True Nationalist – Saraki



The senate president and a presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Bukola Saraki, has stressed that what the country needs to move forward is a nationalist, whose pedigree and disposition will move the nation forward.

Speaking further, he said that the country is more divided now than ever because of obvious policies that are detrimental to the populace.

The senate president, who was in Owerri, the Imo State capital, as part of his nationwide consultation tour to solicit the support of the members of the party on his presidential ambition, said that the country couldn’t progress when you have a tribalist at the helms of affairs.

“Today, Nigerians from others parts of the country are wondering if they are still part of Nigeria because all key appointments are being reserved for a particular tribe irrespective of the federal character, justice and equity.

“Today, people are being killed across the country and their killers being shielded from justice”.

Dr Saraki further said that the country needs a leader that would ensure that justice and the right thing is done.

“The country needs a serious leader who is pro – business, a leader who will ensure that justice and the right thing is done irrespective of tribe or religion. But today, the country has not only collapsed economically but Nigeria is now the number one capital of the world.”

He added, “I was hunted for three years because I had resisted the anti-democratic tendencies of the APC-led Federal Government and my colleagues and I in the National Assembly, will continue to fight for the people of this country.”

Saraki therefore, appealed to the members of the state PDP to support his ambition.

Speaking earlier, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu said that the travails of the senate president under the current dispensation is because of his fight against undemocratic tendencies of the APC administration. He urged him to continue to fight for the masses.

“The problems which Dr Bukola Saraki has suffered in the last three years since he became Senate President, are because he has been fighting against the undemocratic tendencies of the APC, at a time he was even accused to have taken part in an armed robbery just to intimidate him. He is a man of integrity just like his late father and we are behind him in this fight for justice and equity.”