In all the struggles for good governance, genuine leaders are very rare. But when you got one, the next thing is to try and get hold unto him. In Bauchi APC under the able leadership of His Excellency, Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar, a brighter hope has been rebirthed and rekindled again. The prospect of a continued and sustainable service to the good people of Bauchi has once again been confirmed by an easy win for the ruling All Progressives Congress in Bauchi state in the bye-elections held in the Bauchi South senatorial district comprising of seven local government areas of the state.

Though the contest was tough, the real power owners remained focused and totally committed to the enthronement of merit, hope and verifiable track record. Even though the election featured some bigwigs led by Mallam Isah Yuguda of the GPN and Ladan Salihu of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, the way the APC candidate made quick work of the exercise is clear indication that in Bauchi today, elections have much to do with the overall good of the people than for any other reason or considerations. The era has largely phased out where a politician will bank on the amount of money she or he has to throw around during the polls. If this has not changed, an aspirant like Yuguda of GPN who, in the manner of Nigerian former governors, is ready to pay his way through to his retirement home – the Senate.

It is no longer business as usual in this part of the country, the Bauchi people have risen up in one accord to put an end to the reign of self-centered leadership. And although politicians in the manner of Senator Abdul Ahmad Ningi, a gubernatorial hopeful will like grandstand by telling people not in Bauchi otherwise, they know that the voting population of Bauchi masses who live not in Abuja from where interviews are easy to be granted, that the general will of the people remains unchanged. They know that if people like Isa Yuguda of the GPN in the concluded bye-elections will well walloped despite not just being the immediate former governor of the state, but also a well-known money bag, contesting against the ruling APC come 2019 is akin to rolling up a nice wad of scarce money bills and setting them ablaze.

It should be understood that the relevance of this election as not merely an exercise to fill up a space created by the unfortunate demise of our illustrious son, but also a litmus test of the acceptability of the exceptional leadership of Governor Abubakar (Makama Babba). This is something that the Bauchi citizens must be commended for especially the Bauchi South constituents that stood firm to deliver the victory. In effect, a third of Bauchi where the bye elections have held have just restated how convinced they are that the people’s governor is on the right track and getting governance right. The true polemics of that election is that, as the mirror reflects, it shows very clearly a replica of the item presented before it and although sometimes the image may come across a little too skewered in shapes and sizes which is why people like our Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi can grant themselves the reprieve of a daylight reverie as regards their chances in 2019, the general atmosphere in Bauchi after the election shows without doubt what the image in the mirror represents.

The way the people, particularly the supporters of the ruling party resisted all the antics of the opposition by standing firm and in support of Gov. Abubakar’s firm commitments to security of lives and property should leave no one in doubt that they will do it again to march him back to office after the general elections. This is indeed the sort of leadership that cannot be sacrificed for anything. Happily, Bauchi is composed of highly informed students of politics. The success recorded by the ruling party further attests to a sustained engagement with the people of Bauchi state by Governor Abubakar Mohammed and his team. It confirms the faith the people of Bauchi have in the unrivaled leadership of their well-beloved son and servant in bringing democracy dividends to every single man and woman in the state. It is such an amazing honor to the soul of leadership here in the state.

We know that the people have spoken in one voice in stating their support for good governance. Bauchi people have stated in no equivocal voice that their vote is not for those who have made a mess of governance in the past and are desperately devising ploys to ingratiate themselves in the heart of the good people of Bauchi state. This victory is a victory for democracy and Gov. Abubakar. The opposition in this Senatorial District would have easily fallen prey to this deception. Of course, the All Progressives Congress party has a mole. There is a Dogara who is effectively a minus as far as APC Bauchi state is concerned. While the importance of this piece is to debunk the wild claim by a person whose real popularity resides in the tabloids only, it is important to clarify that elections that bring in governors are not held in Abuja! So, the league of Abuja politicians of Bauchi descent led by one Dogara, the APC black ship cannot vacate the good that APC led by Gov. Abubakar has brought to the good people of Bauchi State.

Let me reiterate that electing Yahaya Gumau of the APC as the Senator elect is a statement of commitment from the people of Bauchi to Governor Abubakar’s administration and his second term project so, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise from their cozy mansion in Abuja. This much is glaring but how such wisdom eludes the Dogaras and the Ningis is worrisome. Please tell Ningi that if an alliance between his forgotten party, the PDP and APC insiders led by Dogara could not deliver the goods in one electoral zone, it will be wise for him to wake up from his fantasy dream now before it is too late. Please tell him, that Nigerian electorates can no longer be beguiled into casting their ballots for politicians who lack integrity..

– Maigari wrote in from Bauchi