The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) and the Nigerian Telecommunications Communications Commission ( NCC) have commenced a joint regulatory enquiry into consumer issues in the telecommunication industry.

The investigation would cover areas such as service quality, service issues such as call masking, unsolicited subscriptions, difficulty with unsubscribing to billed value added services and transparency in billing with respect to clarity, data roll over, disclosures about real consumption for value added services and other key telecommunications services.

Rising from a meeting at the NCC’s headquarters both agencies disclosed that the joint enquiry was also in part in response to a resolution of the senate of the national assembly requiring investigation and remedial measures of vital service issues and grievances by consumers concerning the telecommunication service operators.

A joint statement issued at the end of the meeting identified the need to protect consumers and ensure that the telecommunications industry remains robust and continues its leading role in Nigeria’s economic growth and the expanding prosperity to citizens, as the thrust of the latest move.

While noting that both agencies have assembled a team of skilled operatives to discharge this assignment, both agencies expressed the confidence that better services, more transparent charges and increased customer service responsiveness by communication operators would form the outcome of the enquiry meant to sanitise the telecommunications sector.