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Failure Of Intelligence Gathering, Bane Of Nigeria’s Security



Former federal permanent secretary and All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant in Nasarawa State, Dauda Kigbu, has stated that to curb the nation’s insecurity challenges, more effective intelligence gathering methods must be adopted.

Kigbu who was a student of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, advocated for the use of traditional in peace building even as he said his position was hinged on the several researches conducted by the institute on peace building.

Speaking with newsmen after obtaining his nomination form, he said the era when traditional rulers are not recognised in the affairs of their communities will be eliminated in Nasarawa State during his regime.

He said, “We did a lot of studies in security, peace building and management. One of the things I will do and which I have recognised is that failure of intelligence is responsible for violence and crisis. What I will do is to apply technology and tradition.

“Those of us who are old enough will remember that in our villages, when you have a guest, the ward head must know about the guest. The ward head will report to the village head, who will inturn report to the district head. That is still done in the French system.

“So, if anything happen in a particular area that is not known to that area, the security people will know where to start their investigations from. This way, we will bring the traditional rulers into peace building.

“The tradition of chiefs going round their domain has collapsed and we will revive that, involve them so that we can hold them accountable for peace in their domain.”



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