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Nigerian Women Embracing Wigs Against Natural Hair And Weave-Ons



Recently, wearing of head covering made from human, animal hairs or synthhetic fibres pipularly referred to as ‘wig’ has become the older of the day amongst Nigerian women. In this report, Joy Yesufu looks at the pros and cons of wearing wigs and divergent opinions of both clients and those in the industry.

seat for long hours to make the desired hair on your own hair. Your favourite hair style will be made for you while you are up and about your other business.
All the women need to do is fix it on their head and get their desired looks with great confidence.
A wig is a head covering made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibre. The word wig is short for periwig.
Many Nigerian women have given reason of saving cost and time for their recent addiction to wigs.
With great improvements in the quality and styles of wigs, many Nigerian women are choosing to wear wigs like never before. Some of the trending wigs are, Invisible Lace Closure Wig Braids, Million braids wig, Million Twisted Wig Braids and Straight Human Hair Wigs, Full Bouncy Human Hair, Full Curls Wig, Lace Wig, Peruvian Lace Wig, Wig Candy Hair, Lace Wig with waves, feathers and a whole lot of other styles.

Most Nigerian women are also of the opinion that wigs last longer than weave-ons or braids on the hair, which can only last a minimum of between four to six weeks, while some attachment on wigs can last as much as six months or in some cases, a whole year.
Although, these wigs can sometimes be expensive depending on the style, length and quality, many women prefer it as it can last for a number of years.
The most common reason Nigerian women wear wigs is for convenience.
As the Nigerian ladies celebrate this new life style of convenience, most salon owners, who enjoyed the boom at a time, are not too happy with the trend any longer.
They said they made a lot of money from making wigs at the early stage of the trend of wigs but the income has dropped drastically at the moment as very few people make orders or request for the wigs.

A salon owner, Amina Sule, said at the early stages of trend of wigs, she was so happy because she had so many wigs to make that she hardly had time to make hair for those who come physically to the salon.
Amina said she had to stay up most nights to make the hair as she had to share her time in the daytime with customers who come in to fix or retouch their hair.
She said as time went by, most ladies had, had their fill of the types of wigs they wanted and so, they started shunning the salons. The wig customers are no longer coming in as they used to “the wig customers have reduced drastically” she said in an unhappy tone.
Now, she is almost idle during the hours she spends in her shops. She has realised that wig is no longer a very good trend for her kind of business as it has reduced her fortunes. She said most ladies have shampoos to wash their hairs in their houses and rarely even come to do ordinary washing of hair in the salons.
As it is, most Nigerian ladies are tilting towards natural African hair, as they don’t even come to the salon to retouch their hairs.
Another salon owner, mummy Princess, said she looks forward to the era of wigs fading out as she has same complain as Amina. Low patronage is the order of the day as she said if things continue the way they are, it will become difficult to pay bills.
Unlike salon owners, some Nigerian ladies expressed joy and are grateful to whoever invented the wigs. Some said they are happy now that they have to pour water on their hair during bathing on time most days.

Cecilia said she has learnt to make wigs herself now from YouTube videos so this new trend has not only helped her save time but also save cost.
Very few ladies said they do not appreciate the wig trend as it itches whenever they wear it or it’s simply not comfortable for them to wear.
A lesser number said they don’t subscribe to the wigs because of their religious beliefs. They believe the synthetic hairs are produced from spiritual homes to possess human kind, so they don’t wear it at all.
Some other women opined that wearing synthetic-hair wigs could lead to scalp health problems because it can prevent the sweat glands from doing their vital job of releasing bodily toxins through the scalp. The lactic acid in the sweat can mix with the keratin in hair and cause damage and eventually, hair loss.
Also, the sweat glands all over the scalp release sweat, which can mix with pre-existing bacteria and cause nasty fungal formations. Sweat, which ordinarily would have evaporated into thin air, becomes trapped under the wig, creating the itching, which the wearer might find irritating. This is a major cause of the vile smell associated with sweat, infections can set in and prepare the stage for hair loss if not eradicated or treated.
In all the different and divergent views expressed above, we can say that the Nigerian woman’s views and attitude towards wearing wig in this age and time has completely changed. The industry has experienced a significant boom because of the high demand for wigs.
To those who feel it gives them confidence, we say give yourself the boost by wearing wigs that suit you so you look good.
And for our gentlemen out there, when next you see a Nigerian lady rocking her wig, please appreciate her because you are looking at a woman who understands the importance of looking and feeling good.


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