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US Reiterates Commitment To Boost Nigeria”s Youth Empowerment Programme



The US has restated its commitment to increase its efforts in empowering Nigerian youths  through its intensive and result oriented innovative and life changing programmes.

The Counselor for Public Affairs, US Embassy, Aruna Amirthanayagam, stated this during the opening ceremony of an annual workshop for American Spaces Coordinators in Abuja.

The workshop, which  is aimed at equipping  participants with innovative ideas for effective engagements with Nigerian audiences in the 12 American spaces located across Nigeria.

Amirthanayagam described American Spaces as platforms for engagement, education and empowerment most especially for the youth.

He explained that “American Spaces provide public programming spaces and supports the five core programmes: English language learning, Educational advising, Alumni activities, Cultural programmes, and Information about the US.

According to him, “The partner provides a physical space and staff, and the Public Diplomacy section of the US Embassy provides multi-media materials about the United States, training and technical support.

The Counselor stated that, “They provide accurate information about the US including education and cultural programmes; access to English language resources and connections to alumni. It will  also provide collected literature of America’s best writers, information about American society, culture, policies, politics, history and business,” he said.

Amirthanayagam explained that the American Spaces programme which first started in Moscow with just two centres had now grown to include over 650 Spaces in 150 countries worldwide. He said that Nigeria had the largest centres with currently 14 American Spaces in Nigeria across the country.  commended coordinators of the centres across the country

“Considering the role of American Spaces as platforms for engagement, education and empowerment, they deserve our greatest appreciation for the lasting impact that they are making on youth in Nigeria,” he said.





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