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Clarence Peters Named Africa’s Best Video Director



Music video director, Clarence Peters, has been named as one of the finest music video directors in Nigeria. He got a thumbs up from music video director of Unlimited LA. The director, who described Peters as the “hardest working music video director in Africa,” also agreed that Peters is ahead of him and he has nothing but respect for him.

“When I was the errand boy or production assistant, Peters was already a DOP, even before I learned what record was on a camera. I respect him so much because he is older than I am and he has got more work experience. If I am stuck with a particular project, I always call him to ask him questions anytime. I don’t see us competing, he is a bigger man. He is the hardest working music video director in Africa. I have been to a few countries in Africa and Peters is the hardest worker I know. I respect him so much,” he noted.

The Unlimited LA director known as Buari Olalekan Oluwasegun, also touched on his working relationship with rapper Olamide Adedeji, with whom he has shot several videos. “We have no contract binding us. We just enjoy each other’s vibe,” he said.





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