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Fahrenheit 9/11: A Movie about Trump and Democrats



Michael Moore’s latest movie Fahrenheit 9/11, was set before Trump won the election. And according to Esquire magazine, the producer stated that ‘ Fahrenheit 11/9 is a movie targeting those on the left – a sobering reflection of how the democratic party is as complicit in the president’s rise to power as the conservatives who blindly supported him’.

Moore doesn’t hide the fact that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and he takes the Democratic party leaders to task for rejecting Sanders and his supporters. The producer stayed the fact that Clinton did not visit many battleground states, particularly his native Michigan.

The Democrats seemed to know that Clinton was a polarizing candidate, and her team feared that sending her to those places would simply encourage voters to pick Trump over her. was turn off the vast majority of Americans who no longer feel the interest or energy to participate in our electoral system.

They feel helpless and unrepresented; the Democrats lost their base, and the Republicans slowly gained followers by actually making promises to an electorate that they had no intention of keeping.




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