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Fashion Hacks For Plus Size Ladies



Every plus size/curvy lady, knowns the scuffle that comes with shopping for the right clothes. Jeans neither fit your waist nor thighs, bodycon dresses show every dimple and roll. Going for oversized clothing in order to hide your “problem” areas is quite easy, but you should know that the way you dress affects your self-esteem and mood generally. The good news is, you can dress your curves stylishly everyday armed with a little know of how to dress for your size .Below are five smart hacks that would help you to optimise the best from fashion trends:

1. Be confident: If you’re a plus size woman, then stop feeling insecure about it. Rather, enhance your beauty by fashionable grooming. Along with glamorous dresses, bring the perfect attitude with full poise. Feel confident and the rest will go with a flow.

2. Figure out your perfect size: always know your measurements thoroughly, or get that done by the professionals. Dressing up with flawless fitted clothes is very essential. A few women tend to go for a size lower than they actually are, but it isn’t really the best thing to do.  A dress with the perfect fit would definitely make you look gorgeous

3. Choose The Right Underwear: for plus size women, undergarments matter a lot, it is one of the most essential things that gives a perfect look. Wearing the correct underwear helps to enhance outfits exquisitely. It’s got the ability to make you look the best or the worst.

4. Play with Colour combinations: wearing contrasting hued outfits, could certainly make you look like a fashionista. Plus-size women should experiment with the contrasting colour combinations or wear single hues on days you don feel adventurous.

5. Know your Fabric: Fabrics plays a very vital role in your choice of outfits and when you go shopping. It could either make you look stunning or would be a fashion catastrophe.  Every fabric have various features. Additionally, special care is to be taken on the basis of the material. Some fabrics have stretching characteristic such as viscose, rayon, nylon, jersey.nylon, jersey, viscose rayon. Whereas, stretching is impossible for polyester, crepe, cotton, etc. Get your size of outfits based on the fabric and its features.