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I Like Taking Calculated Risks – Yashim



Grace Yashim is from Kaduna State. She was born into the family of Mr Elisha and Mrs Amina Yashim- the last of their four children. She attended LEA 2 Ungwan Mai chibi, Kaduna; Baptist High School, Ungwan Boro and Gaskiya Skills International. She later studied Architecture at Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State. She has been in the beddings’ business for over four years.


My name is Grace Yashim. I was born in Zaria city to the family of Elisha Yashim, a retired director of Kaduna State Sport Council and Amina Elisha Yashim, a nurse on the 12th August 1990. I hail from Kaduna State and was raised there. I am the last of four siblings. I started my educational career in the year 1994 at LEA 2 Ungwan Mai chibi, Kaduna, from there I moved to Baptist High School, Ungwan Boro for my secondary education and Gaskiya Skills International where I concluded. I am an alumnus of Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda in Zamfara State where I studied Architecture. As an entrepreneur, I am into beddings, shoes, bags and clothing though I initially started with the sale of make-up. Venturing into beddings is the best decision I have ever made in business, as it is less stressful and yields more money. For beddings, all I do is wait for my supplier to send me available designs. I make my choice via Whatsapp, he sews and packages it then I pay, pick them up and send for delivery to customers and I must say, the finishing’s are neatly done. For bags and more, I buy directly from wholesalers. My Instagram business handle is shimz_beddings_n_mor.

When Did You Start The Business?

The make-up business started in my first year in the polytechnic to support myself but l paused for a while after school. Eventually, I decided to go into beddings, shoes, bags and clothing during my service year and I never looked back since then.

Who Taught You?

No one taught me the business. I found a need and capitalised on it. I figured out female students would patronise a make-up business more because they always want to look good.


Aliko Dangote is my mentor though I’ve never had the privilege of meeting him in person; he inspires commitment to my business and a determination to be at the top someday. Despite not being in the same kind of business, I aspire to be on same level with him.


I am self-employed, I now have my distributors and by God’s grace before the year ends, I will be furthering my education with the proceeds of the business. I am now a major bedspread dealer.


I love to dance, make new designs as an architect and meet new people. Travelling should be one of them but lately; it is not really my thing.


The fear of failure forces me to play it safe sometimes. I have missed out of opportunities and business partnerships. I know fear limits my chances to thrive in the business world, so I have decided to overcome my deepest and darkest fears by taking calculative risks to earn more money.


Capital is my biggest setback, as I need more to expand the business. Consideration for family in business is a weakness I battle with despite knowing it is an unwise thing to do.

Secret Of Your Success

To succeed, you have to know how to sell as it is the most important skill one can have and this comes easy because I know all about my product and services. I also use various networking sites to my advantage.

Driving Force

I have a friend that always says ‘determination is to success what oxygen is to life’ and I will confidently say I have a serious dose of determination that I keep improving on. I do not require the approval of others when my instinct says otherwise.

What makes you stand out?

I am always true to customers and prospects. I do not promise what I can’t deliver neither do I exaggerate the benefits of my product or services. I am also very careful as the Internet and social networking sites spread good or bad words to potential customers. At the end of a sale, I let my customers know they are appreciated because they are an important part of my success story.  Understanding the importance of effective marketing has kept the business going. I do not take for granted feedback from customers as it helps me improve on the business.


I had a snake bite experience earlier in life, which got me admitted at St Gerald Hospital, Kaduna at a time I had a promising business offer, but I give God all the glory for helping me pull through.

Future Projections

To build an empire, not just in Nigeria, but also across the world, creating jobs for hardworking Individuals.

How Do You Balance Business And Family?

In real life, family comes first but in business, business comes first. Family and friends have made it much easier for me to achieve a balance.

Most Memorable Day

The day I was given my discharge certificate. It was a dream come true as it took me three years staying at home before gaining admission. It was a day I looked forward to and when it came, I was full of excitement and gratitude to God.


Women should embrace reality by engaging themselves in lucrative businesses.  Starting a business and making it profitable takes time, commitment and sometimes a lot more cash than expected but we can succeed with hard work and patience.