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Hosting Cross-cultural Events Can Unite Nigeria, Chinese Cultures -Xuda



The Cultural Counsellor, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and Director, China Cultural Centre, Abuja, Mr Lee Xuda has revealed that frequent hosting of cross-cultural events by the Chinese and Nigerian cultural performers can help melt the two cultures together.
Mr Xuda made this disclosure, Friday, at the China Cultural Centre, while playing host to a delegation from the Wuhan Municipal Cultural Bureau.
The night was spiced up with superlative music performances by a member of the Wuhan delegation and one of China’s top musicians, Wuyuxia.
The visibly elated Xuda told LEADERSHIP Sunday in an exclusive interview that: “The aim of the musical performance is in appreciation of a kind of Chinese musical instrument. Wuyuxia gave a lecture on music earlier. She is a very famous music Professor and performer in China.”
The Chinese Cultural Chief also explained that the programme is in keeping with cultural exchanges and cooperation between Nigeria and China: “This step is with the aim of promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation. As you know, Nigeria and China are continental giants. So, we can unite our cultures. Besides, we have a long history.

“Anytime we have event at the Chinese Cultural Centre, we use to invite Nigeria and Chinese cultural performers, so that, as they perform together on the same stage, the culture of the two countries can melt together.” Speaking on why the delegation is in Nigeria, the Deputy Director of Wuhan Municipal Culture Bureau, and head of the 31 member delegation, Mr Wang Guohua said:
“We are here at the instance of the Chinese Cultural Centre, Abuja, Nigeria, in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the Centre. Nigeria has a very big population with very long history of civilisation. “Nigeria has vast mineral resources. The Nigeria government has also cooperated very well with the Chinese Cultural Centre in Nigeria.”

Throwing more light on the programme of events at the Centre, the Deputy Director of the Centre, Ms Linda Xiaoping explained that, “The Centre is set to start Culture Creation Week but the event of today is the beginning of the Centre’s cooperation with the Wuhan Municipal Culture Bureau.”

The Chinese Cultural Centre, Abuja, was established in 2013, as part of the Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation agreement, entered into by the Chinese and the Nigerian government. Nigeria also owns a similar Centre in Beijing, China.



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