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How IT Solutions Can Create Efficiency For SMEs



In a bid to help businesses, manufacturing companies to achieve success, monitor and reduce their expenses, Nigeria’s leading innovative information technology company, Concept Nova has sensitised and urged small and medium enterprise (SME) business owners to adopt the use of its IT solution applications.

Speaking to the journalists, during a launch of its new applications, the chief executive officer and managing director, concept Nova, Mr. Chukwuma Ochonogor said that as an indigenous company, our focus is on our immediate environment, to usher in efficiency, increase productivity, for companies, institutions corporate body and even up to individuals level.

He said, “Nigeria economy is suffering, the manufacturing sector is not really doing well and of course, we have competition all over the world, so, we must be able to get solutions that when we deploy them locally, they will be able to achieve efficiency.

“If you check very well, what is driving the world today is technology, with technology through your phone you can monitor activity in real time online.” Among the solutions provided include Tikon-Hybrid, a tracking plan which gives complete control of vehicles even when it is in the care of a third party. With Tikon, one can access his vehicle’s real time information from any location.

With the Fuel Control System (FCS), it is integrated remote monitoring solution use for eliminating fuel pilferage in mobile and stationary tanks. It gives a real time detailed reports on the volume of fuel and its usage at intervals.

According to Mr. Ochonogor, he said that diesel consumption constitute about 30 per cent of the expenses of almost organisation, if you can reduced that by 50 per cent through control, there is tendency that, that organisations will make profit.

“Through our solution, for 30 per cent diesel consumption cost, you can reduce it by 50 per cent that mean if there diesel consumption cost is N30 million then you are saving the company about N15 million. Remember that our power sector is still very poor, most companies rely on diesel even in private home, businesses, through that sure it something that every company would want have. That’s is why we are creating the awareness for those who are not aware.”

He said “we also have the distribution management solution, DMS, a new application for supply chain,’’ he said, adding that when company manufacture goods, to move it from one point to the other is always very difficult, but with DMS it will help all manufacturing companies, and logistic companies to track their goods delivery from order creation to the final deliver.

The new applications were Pool-Ar (automated request) a transport demand management solution which allows companies and staff make optimal use of available transport resources. Other IT solution applications were upgraded with new features and modules.

He assured that as the government is looking into agriculture sector, the company is also ready to look into the sectors and find solutions to the challenges in the sector. “We have targeted manufacturing sector and transportation sector, we are going into agriculture because we have seen that that is where the government is looking at”, he added.



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