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CPC Commences Domestication Of Patients Bill Of Rights In Hospitals



The Consumer Protection Council has commenced a nationwide domestication of the Patients Bill of Rights (PBoR) for hospitals in Nigeria.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo ,had two months ago launched the bill , stating that the goal of health services was to provide all patients with high quality healthcare in a manner that clearly recognises individual needs and rights.

But yesterday in Abuja, CPC commenced the domestication of the PBoR.

The director – general of the agency , Mr Babatunde Irukera, said the domestication would cut across hospitals in the country.

While noting that the concept of human rights in patient care recognizes health care providers as important actors, whose rights must be respected both as a matter of principle and for the benefit of the patient,Irukera said human rights principles that apply to patient care include both the right to the highest attainable standard of health, which covers both positive and negative guarantees in respect of health.

In addition, they also focus attention on the right of socially – excluded groups to be free from discrimination in the delivery of healthcare.

He said that to effectively achieve the goal of the PBoR, the patient and the health care provider must work together to develop and maintain optimum health.

Irukera also commended the management of Wellington Neurosurgery Centre for setting the bar in domesticating the bill at the hospital.

“They reached out to CPC and said we want to domesticate the PBoR,we  want to institutionalise it ,” Irukera disclosed.

General manager of the hospital, Marvel Ochoga,Wellington Neurosurgical  Centre, Marvel Ochoga , said the hospital recognised the need to commit to the PBoR especially as it serves as a code of accountability.

Senior consultant at the hospital, Dr Charles Ugwuanyi, also commended the CPC for coming up with the PBoR,adding that the hospital as a matter of internal policy had always been mindful of the need to respect the rights of patients.

“Doctors are supposed to provide health services .The patient is  the centre of the medical universe. The Nigerian patients are worth it. We did not have difficulty in embracing Patients Bill of Rights , never will it be said that a patient was brought here without getting all the necessary attention. It is only a patient that is alive that can pay the bills. It is not proper to collect money before treatment,” he said.

The agency also domesticated the PBoR at the Alliance Hospital.

Irukera said they ought to be commended for taking the bold step to invite the CPC to domesticate the PBoR at the hospital.

According to him, the PBoR evolved in response to widespread and severe human rights violations in health settings.

Dr Mrs Adeyemi Rebecca, who represented the medical director of the hospital, Dr Otabo Christopher, said the hospital would always be PBoR compliant.

She said it was not an issue to embrace the PBoR at the hospital as it had always been the practice to attend to the patients first before billing them.

She assured that the hospital would always cooperate with the CPC in its efforts to sensitise Nigerians on the PBoR.



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