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JPKP Lauds Moon, Kim Over Korean Peninsula Agreement 



Journalists for Peace in Korean Peninsula (JPKP) has commended the South Korean President, Moon Jae-In and his North Korean counterpart President Kim Jong-Un on their move to find lasting solution to the conflicts in the Korean Peninsula.

JPKP recalls that before President Moon’s visit to Pyongyang, two other presidents had previously visited the North Korean Capital.

In statement by the Chairman of JPKP, Tajudeen A. Tijjani, he said the commendation followed the meeting between the two leaders held in North Korean capital, Pyongyang where they both preached the need for peaceful co-existence.

South Korean President Moon Jae-In and his North Korean counterpart President Kim Jong-Un have agreed to ensure that the Korean Peninsula is denuclearized.

The two leaders made this known at the end of a meeting in Pyongyang, North Korean Capital monitored on CNN by the JPKP.

President Moon was on three-day visit to North Korea which began September 18, this year. This is the first time South Korean president is visiting North Korean for a summit.

According to Moon, Kim also agreed to dismantle missiles testing site permanently and destroy all nuclear facilities, adding the reunion of divided families was also discussed.

During the meeting, President Kim also promised to visit Seoul anytime this year. The talks which began on September 18th, 2018 was the third Inter-Korean talks this year.

President Moon Jae-in disclosed that President Kim has showed him the roadmap on how to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and also agreed to jointly seek to host 2032 summer Olympics.

President Moon who was acting as a chief mediator for America over the total denuclearization of Korean Peninsula was accompanied by corporate executives of Samsung, SK group, LG and others, giving the impression for hope for economic co-operation. The meeting was to revive stalled talks between United States and North Korea.

September declarations by the two Presidents are aimed at strengthening and improving relations. It is also to promote peace and prosperity and reunification of the two countries. Defence Chiefs of both countries also signed the agreement on military issues.

Roads and rail link between the two countries was also discussed and the two leaders pledged to continue regular meetings to implement and discuss other issues.



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