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Men Arrested For Naked Bums Photo



Two Sri-Lankan men posing semi-naked near Pidurangala Rock

Two Sri-Lankan men posing semi-naked near Pidurangala Rock

Three men who took a bare-bums photo of themselves at a sacred religious site in Sri Lanka have been arrested by police.

The trio were among a group of young Sri Lankan men who posted the semi-naked image taken at Pidurangala Rock to social media.

A complaint by a Buddhist monk who said it insulted the religion apparently triggered the arrests.

The 200-metre high Pidurangala Rock is a few kilometres from the ancient city of Sigiriya, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe ordered police to investigate the matter, according to local media.

The arrests received a mixed reaction in Sri Lanka and on social media.

While some praised the police action, others questioned why officers were not investigating more serious crimes such as murder and rape.

“So law enforcement should only be limited to brown bums? Sri Lanka Police should send several teams around the world to identify the rest,” wrote another Facebook user.

It is believed the men may have been inspired to take the photo by the Cheeky Exploits Instagram page, which encourages people, especially travellers, to take revealing images at famous locations.

Tourists have previously drawn criticism and legal sanctions for taking revealing images at sacred cultural and religious sites.

Gold Coast based model Jaylene Cook's controversial pose on a New Zealand mountain

Gold Coast based model Jaylene Cook’s controversial pose on a New Zealand mountain

Last year, Playboy model Jaylene Cook’s nude photo of herself at Mount Taranaki in New Zealand was criticised by Maori academics.

They said the Gold Coast-based model had shown disrespect for the sacred mountain.

And In 2015 four young western tourists were charged in Malaysia after removing their clothes and posing for a photograph on Mount Kinabalu.