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Benin Socialite Esohe Adams, Estranged Hubby Fight Over Property



A Benin-based socialite, Ms. Esohe Adams, is currently in a middle of a messy dispute with her ex-husband who accused her of selling his property in Canada and refusing to release the proceeds from the sale to him. In his petition made available to LEADERSHIP Weekend, the claimant, Mr.  Ozilumba Ndukwe, claimed that trouble started in 2014 when Ms Adams, resident at No 31 Agho Street, Benin City, Edo State told him she was no longer in the marriage and he sought to take possession of the said property, a duplex located at 62, Kilrra Way, Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Following repeated pressure on Adams, she allegedly disposed of the property at a sum of $635,000 in March 2018 in Canada and has refused to pick calls from her now estranged husband as well as blocked all access to reach her.

Said Ozilumba, a native of Anambra State: “I currently reside in the United Kingdom but married Esohe Adams while in Canada where we resided for nine years together from 2000 to 2008. The marriage was blessed with two children who died at birth due to complications.

“In 2004 precisely I bought a three-bed home where Esohe moved in with me. Her younger sister (Rita) subsequently came to live with us. Esohe was not employed and all bills were paid solely by me during the entire time we lived together. When I met Esohe I had not solidified my stay in Canada in terms of nationality. Esohe, however, had put her immigrant status on hold due to a criminal offence she was alleged to have committed with one of her sisters and therefore, this prevented us from legalising the marriage until that was cleared although we lived as man and wife.

“I left for the UK in 2008; leaving her and her sister (Rita) at my house but still paid all bills, mortgage and upkeeps which I have outstanding proof of. Shortly after I left, there was a fire incident which was taken care of by my insurance as expected.

“Esohe later convinced me to issue a power of attorney allowing her make direct decisions rather than have to wait for me to do so, in the event of any issue where she did not have full rights to the property. I considered the difference in time and obliged her request without a doubt or much thought as she was my wife, I thought.  But unknown to me, that was the beginning of my troubles.

“My family embraced her to the extent that my only sister who is a professor took it upon herself to not only encourage her to further her education, she went on to sign her up in the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Esohe refused taking my calls. She will cut me off or promise to call back, but never did over the course of two years. My reaching out to her mother also met disappointment/heartbreak. I was snubbed by the entire family. Esohe finally contacted my sister recently who up to May 2018 had been a caretaker of an apartment she bought in Boston in 2016 to make arrangements to collect her apartment keys and document in her care. My family met and insisted that we would not be greedy or partake in evil to withhold what she left in trust. So all her vital documents and key were handed to her in the presence of her sister (Edosa).

“My house in Canada was put up for sale early this year and sold. Esohe instructed the realtor to cease communication with me and till now she has refused to show the bill of sale. When asked by my sister in Boston, she got upset, resorting to making threats at me that she was powerful and all she needed do was make a phone call to the FBI to say I was threating her life. Her exact words are that, ‘I will finish you if you say a word.’ I made pleas with her mother who avoided my calls after countless attempts and thereafter she changed her number to block me off. All attempts to find solace from the Adams family to resolve such an easy matter have only proven further that they all condone and cheer Esohe on not to do away with what is not hers and all I laboured for.”

Ms Adams had reportedly procured a divorce from the Oredo Area Customary Court 4 in Benin City in April. But the estranged hubby claimed ignorance of the said court judgement.

Ndukwe said, “It came as a rude shock to me when I learnt Esohe approached a family court in Benin to procure a black-market divorce. I was never given any court summon nor a chance to defend myself.  I think it is a shame on the Nigerian court system. I appeal to the National Judicial Council to look into this judicial rape. How can you grant divorce within three days, for God’s sake?

“I think she is being clever by half. By getting this kangaroo judgement, she wants to avoid refunding the dowry directly to me because I said I would not accept the dowry paid on her in 2008 without her returning the proceeds from my property she sold in Canada.”

LEADERSHIP Weekend put a call to her cell phone number 08087162626. She picked the call and said that she would get back to our reporter. When our reporter insisted on her reaction, she said, “I have no comment” and hung up.


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