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Reaching Out To The Needy Is My Greatest Joy – Omogbai



Princess Queensley Omogbai is the founder of High Neighbour Outreach International, an Organisation, which is focused on reaching out to the less privileged. In this interview with MAKINDE OLUWAROTIMi, she explains what is required in running such an organisation among other things.

Tell us about your organisation

High Neighbour Outreach International started since 2015 and God has been faithful, it has not been easy but God has proved himself wonderful. High Neighbour is an organisation that reaches out to the less privileged.

We go from village to village to reach the less privileged; we organise programmes for the widows and we help them to be well established. We have about 82 children for now, in Ogbomosho (Oyo State), Kwara State, Ogun State, Egbeda and Lekki. We have been organising immunisation exercises for the children in different villages, all self-sponsored by the organisation. We have been visiting homes including the old people’s home where you have elderly people that cannot really meet up with their needs. We supply them with food items, same with the widows. We also give clothes; and do our part by the grace of God.

On the 27th of May, we had a programme for children, which was wonderful. MTN came for the program even though we didn’t invite them; they gave out many gifts to the children. On December 10th every year, we give out bags of rice to the widows, including gari and tinned tomato; we cook for them too.

There is also a programme coming up on first of October called “One Nigeria.” It’s a yearly program to reach out to the less privileged as Nigeria celebrates its independence; we intend to cook about 18 bags of rice on that day, also, we will be giving out food items in packs to them including going to the IDPs camps to show them love by reaching out to them. I believed it’s God’s command that we reach out to the less privileged.

The organisation has touched and transformed lives since we started in 2015. There is a widow, the husband died after waiting for the fruit of the womb for over 16 years. She got pregnant two months before the death of the husband and later gave birth to tripplets in side her room, with nobody to assist. The police called on our organisation and we have being taken care of those children till date. Many will come and drop their children in the entrance of our motherless home gate. Early in the morning, the security would discover new born baby dropped at the gate, several but God  Almighty has been faithful in all.

Also, there  are five kids with us too that their parents were involved in a vehicle accident and both parents died at the same time. These kids had be living under the bridge without any form of help, no school, food, clothes nothing but by His grace, the organisation has given them shelter, taken care of their feeding and school fee etc .

How did it all begin?

It’s a calling; it’s a task given to me by God. I got this calling in 2015. Our first program was in March 22nd, 2015. It was wonderful and that was how people started supporting.

Can you tell us about some of the challenges you faced in the cause of this mandate?

There were many challenges. I am a business person, I run a dry cleaning outfit and I also sell herbal drugs. Often times, I travel to import goods into the country. So when I started, I spent all my savings but so far, God has been faithful, all our programs have been successful and people drop children in front of my house.

In some of these places where we have children, we employed widows to take care of them and we are paying them. People still come to drop children in those places. So, what I normally do, is to travel down to the place where the orphanage is, and complete the necessary papers that would enable us to take custody of the children. We don’t reject children; major challenge is support. Although, we have people coming in to support and we always pray for them. We intend to start a school because we are spending a lot to put them in school. We have the building plan already which would also include a university, medical centre, playground for children section and every needed facility.

How do you feel when reaching out to the less privileged?

I am always very happy in reaching out to them; in short, I’m always overwhelmed because touching lives is very important; putting smiles on their faces, making them have a sense of belonging and embracing them is my joy.

How far is your reach?

We have reached Ogbomosho (Oyo State), Kwara State, Ogun State, Egbeda in Lagos, and Ibeju Lekki area. We are also in Abuja from where we intend to spread to Benin. We believe by end of next year, we would have covered some parts of the East and North.

What has been your most touching experience?

My most touching experience to me is when a mature lady in the university, who still wet the bed, was cured in our programme because of the compassion she showed a disabled child. Since then, her mother has been a supporter of our programmes.

How do you balance family life with your calling?

My family presently is in Lagos while I am here in Abuja. It’s really not easy because my assignment involves moving around a lot. There was a time I was always with them, but now I have someone, who is a widow, helping to take care of them.

I was once warned against travelling for a business trip or risk dying in a plane crash because of my calling but I thank God, I have obeyed; my children always encourage me and we experience supernatural supplies and good health.

What advice do you have for the government?

We just want government to help us in our building projects, the schools, hospital, etc. These would really help us in reaching out to the less privileged people.

What is your advice to people with your kind of calling?

My advice to them is that the beginning is not always easy but they should persevere and even try to give no matter how little. A calling demands your full participation, you can’t sit in a place and expect heaven to fall; you have to work it out with faith, pressing on; you have to be doing it before support will come.

I appreciate our partners; they have shown the heart of God towards the less privileged because it takes the heart of God to give.