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Call for Smart Adeyemi’s Disqualification Self-serving, Undemocratic – Fanwo



Senator Smart Adeyemi

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Mopamuro local government area of Kogi State, Mr Kingsley Fanwo, has described calls for the disqualification of Senator Smart Adeyemi from the APC senatorial primaries as “self-serving, irresponsible and undemocratic”.

According to him, the call for Adeyemi’s disqualification by a “faceless” group is uncalled for because the former federal lawmaker is eminently qualified to contest for the seat.

Speaking with journalists in Kabba yesterday, Fanwo said those behind the “unholy agitation are enemies of Okun unity”, adding that Adeyemi didn’t violate any law by contesting for the Senate.

He said, “Such a call is cowardice and divisive. The constitution of the party must be followed in nominating popular candidates to win elections for our party. I have also read about the petition like any other person. I am sure the party structure in the state will respond to it thoroughly and comprehensively. We can not afford to continue to foul the media space with irresponsible agitations that violate the fundamental rights of other people.

“Like every other aspirants that have been cleared; Sen. Smart Adeyemi is eminently qualified to contest the forthcoming Senatorial primary. Our respected leader in the State, Governor Yahaya Bello has assured all aspirants he won’t interfere unduly in the process. What else do they want? Campaigning against Sen. Smart Adeyemi reduces the time they have to campaign for themselves.

“The Smart Team has restrained itself from responding to such issues because the party must be held together and be made to work as a united family after the primaries. We should avoid heating up the polity. Inadvertently, we have made Sen. Smart more popular by making him look like the feared candidate. Aspirants should not reverse the process.

“All party stakeholders agreed on indirect primaries and that is the path to go. The Smart Team has said the Distinguished Senator will have the opportunity to become Senate President. Anyone who has a better thing to offer should tell us. Politics is about convincing the people and not by character assassination. We can’t toy with the possibility and the benefits of having the number three man in the country from Okunland”.

Fanwo noted that it is time to shift to the Okun Agenda and by extension, the Kogi West Agenda.

“Yagba is a project within Okunland”, he added, just as he urged for calm among the party faithful across Kogi West, assuring that the party leadership will be fair to all.




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