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Nigeria @58: NGO Takes Medical Outreach To IDPs In Abuja



To commemorate with Nigeria 58th Independence Day, a non governmental organisation, First Child & Prisoner Care Foundation at the weekend embarked on a medical outreach on control and prevention of Malaria and others at an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Gongola, New Kuchingoro, Abuja.

The organizers, who used the outreach to also expose members of the IDPs to other killer diseases, such as Cholera and how to avoid loss of pregnancy, distributed 460 anti-Malaria treated net, soft drinks, cookies and sachet water worth N1.2 million.

The IDPs camp which has a totally of 110 households, were gathered at Gongola village with men, women and children in attendance.

Speaking with journalists on the import of the outreach, the director of the NGO, Miss Elizabeth Ejembi, said, “We discovered that most of these children don’t have the strength to go to school because most of the time they are down with Malaria parasite. So in order for us to fulfill one of our goals of funding their education and giving them a better future, we decided to tackle their number one enemy towards acquiring that education, which is Malaria.

“That is why we are also here to sensitize them on the control and preventive measures and the distribution of treated nets. We actually distributed 460 treated nets and other items for their well being.”

She added that, what we are doing here today is to achieve one of our core objectives which is to address the well being of a child. And we have also identified that a very healthy child equates to an educated child because that is when the child gets the strength and ability to go to school. And we chose the Gongola camp because so many children here are prone to Malaria and it hinders them from going to school in Kuchingoro, which is about five minutes walk from hear.

“The next time we will be here again is to come with other organizations and several doctors, who are professionals in dealing with Malaria treatments in order to give them the right steps towards treating Malaria or putting funds together that will facilitate hospital bills when it comes to Malaria treatment and having drugs.”

It was gathered that the Child and Prisoner Care Foundation was founded by Ambassador Efe Martins in 2013. The foundation was set up to enhance and sustain the social and economical state of the less privileged individual in our society. It also targets the Nigerian child and promoting the right of every child to education. It further wants to enhance and defend innocent prisoners and inmates that are in our prison system that did not deserve to be there.

The organization has done so much in the southern part of the country, especially in Benin, where the founder is from. It has distributed back to school packs to more than 4,000 children and pregnancy kit care to over 4,000 pregnant women.





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