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Mouka Unveils New Products To Boost Portfolio



In its continued drive to add comfort to life, Mouka Limited, Nigeria’s mattress manufacturing company, has announced the launch of its next generation of mattresses and pillows, the Mondeo Spring Mattress and six varieties of new generation pillows.

Speaking at the 2018 distributors’ conference held in Lagos, yesterday, the CEO of Mouka Limited, Mr. Ray Murphy said Mouka’s commitment to providing the best comfort for its customers through continuous innovation has led to the introduction of the Mouka Mondeo spring mattress. 

The new Mouka Mondeo Spring mattresses have undergone extensive product development and feature superior spring technology for maximum support and spine alignment as well as air vents to optimise sleep comfort. Combined with quality layers of foam and quilting, the responsive springs provide both durability, comfort and the correct full body support for a good night’s sleep.

Murphy explained that “our focus is always on providing comfortable, supportive and durable products, with quality materials at affordable prices.” He pointed out that the Mouka Mondeo mattresses feature proven spring technology manufactured to Mouka quality standards.

Presenting the pillows, Murphy said the relevance of a good pillow to a good sleep cannot be overemphasised, providing support for your neck and upper back is the most important role the pillow needs to fill while you sleep, saying that having the correct support helps maintain the proper alignment of your neck and spine. He added that Mouka Limited is introducing six varieties of new generation pillows to the market.

Commercial director of Mouka, Mr. Dimeji Osingunwa, added the company’s quest for improved comfort through research and the development of new innovations has led to the massive investment in technology in the manufacturing of its products.

“The investment in the new spring mattress line will allow us to provide a wider range to meet the needs of a growing consumer demand,” he said.





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