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AAP Ready To Take-over The Mantle Of Leadership



The youth based political party and the first party to implement the not-too-young to run law, Advanced Allied Party (AAP) which represent the golden spoon has said that they are set to take over the leadership of the country to create opportunities for everyone one, young and old, rich and poor.

The party spokesman Rikki Chinedu Nwajiofor made this known during the ratification of their candidate yesterday, Abuja.

The Party Presidential candidate, Chike Ukaegbu who is also a professor of mathematics expresses his excitement for being selected as the presidential candidate of the party saying that he is humbled to be the candidate and promise that AAP is standing on this course to change the fortunes of everyone in the country, adding that AAP is bringing merits based candidate and intelligent people who are passionate about the nation first before self, good leadership experience, compassion and empathy to restore hope to the Nigerian citizens and Africa.

The 35 year Professor said that “we are strategic in our campaign so when we talked about education, entrepreneurship and technology been the tripartite we are running on, we have looked at it, we asked ourselves how do we apply these tripartite to help ourselves in the 2019 general election, we understand the roles of money in politics and we also understand that you can spend money but if you don’t have the right strategy you are going nowhere and that’s what we bring to the table so we are on top of the game”, he added

“We are optimistic that we are going to emerge by the support of the Nigerian youths which constitute the highest population of the country.”




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