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Feature Phones Retail Growth Declines Against Smartphones



Mobile phones expected to record a volume decline over the forecast period due to the strong decline of feature phones, which has reached maturity with most consumers upgrading to smartphones, this is in spite of the Increasing demand for smartphones.  The wide availability of second hand feature phones and smartphones imported from developed economies such as Europe, which is expected to continue over the forecast period due to their greater affordability, would also limit the potential growth of new mobile phones in Nigeria.
According to country report by Passport on mobile phones in Nigeria, smartphones are expected to record strong volume growth due to the desire for more technologically- advanced mobile phones by the young adult population including the Z generation.

“Smartphones are an essential device for Nigerians in urban areas as they offer multiple functions such as Internet connectivity for social media chats, browsing, music and mom downloads and taking high quality photographs.” Since consumers do not have a stable electricity supply and therefore do not benefit from the full extent of owning a television. smartphone devices are a convenient alternative to use for entertainment, which helps boost demand. According to the report, with the strongly growing population of young people in urban areas in Nigeria, demand for new, trendy smartphones with upgraded features such as larger screen site was expected to increase, therefore mobile phones was expected to see the best performance within consumer electronics over the forecast period.

Furthermore, the early and successful passage of the Telecommunication Critical Infrastructure Bill by Nigeria’s legislature is expected to boost Internet usage in Nigeria, which ls at 47 per cent of the population in 2018. The penetration rate of smartphones in Nigeria would therefore increase as more consumers become internet enabled. Competitive pricing among internet service providers is also expected to drive growth due to more affordable internet provision. A competitive landscape chart which revealed the company shares on mobile phone in 2018, shows that lnfinix mobile dominates feature phones sales with 75.2 per cent, Nokia SA with 8.7 per cent, Samsung electronic SA with 7.6 per cent, Huawei Technology 3.0 per cent, Lenovo has 1.1 per cent. Also showing Gionee Communication with 0.7per cent and Midcom group with 0.3 per cent.



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