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Felix Emerges Presidential Flag Bearer Of PCP



Dr Nicholas Felix has emerged the consensus presidential candidate of the  Peoples Coalition Party (PCP).

Speaking at the event which took place on Sunday in Abuja, the party chairman, Hon. Anthony Chukwuma, said the party aims to reinvigorate the opportunities that have been denied the lower class in the society.

According to him, for over 30 years Nigerians have been suffering in various ways, noting that “you see citizens begging, no one is secured and no one can account for you. However, the PCP is set to make this right for every Nigerian and most importantly for the poor Nigerian.”

The Edo State born presidential  candidate, said that his first priority is security.

He noted, “Anyone who vies for the office of the president of Nigeria yet does not place security as his first priority is not fit and ready for the seat. One of the reasons I would have preferred to stay abroad is not because Nigeria has no opportunities, rather it is because the country is not safe and any nation without security, there is no amount of money injected in its economy that would yield development. Until the country is safe and secure, no one can ever attract foreign investors.

Every successful economy must be able to attract investors that can set up companies to employ its citizens because no government can ever create employment for all her citizens.” He said that once the security is fixed, there would be influx of foreign investors automatically.

According to him, if security is not fixed, there can never be a reduction in unemployment. “Unemployment will continue as long as citizens go to work from 8am to 6pm without night shift workers. This means the economy is sleeping from 8pm to 4am. If there is security to guard citizens to work for 24 hours, unemployment will be reduced to the minimum. For instance, if a company employs fifty workers for morning shift, fifty for evening and another fifty for night shift, that company has created 150 opportunities for citizens.”

Speaking on the healthcare system, Nicholas highlighted that if he becomes the president, a law will be enacted to allow every citizen with or without funds to receive treatment in case of emergency and any medical personnel who do not adhere to the law will not only forfeit their licence but will also go to jail.

He said the pension sector would also be reviewed to alleviate suffering among pensioners who have served the country for several years. Similarly, the education sector will be improved to create conducive learning atmosphere for Nigerians.

Nicholas said his dream is to see that Nigeria no longer suffers epileptic power supply and for every Nigerian to be bold and proud to proclaim their citizenship. Dr. Nicholas Felix holds a doctorate degree in Divinity from CICA International University and Seminary in New York, United States.