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Sen Magnus Abe’s Courageous Fight For Rivers Brick House



Today, people in Rivers from all works of life defied the heavy down pour in Port Harcourt to show solidarity for Sen. Magnus Abe and the APC’s direct primaries in the state which has been kicked against by the Rotimi Amaechi faction of the party in the state. This support which was massive and highly successful, buttressed the position of 148,000 people that cast their votes on the direct primaries which held in the state on the 30th of September 2018.

The people of Rivers on that fateful day showed that they wanted the right man for the job in defiance of the foisting of an unknown candidate chosen from the blues to fly the flag of the party. The solidarity which the people of the state and APC members showed for the Ogoni born Senator has to be respected by the party unlike what is happening today where the party seems to be favoring the emergence of Tonye Cole all in the bid to please the former governor of the state whose conduct is clearly anti party as far as the majority members of the party are concerned. Just as Senator Abe declared on the day of the solidarity rally, “the people of Rivers must fight against the injustice that the other faction is trying to display which will undermine the interest of the party in the state. The truth must be told that direct primaries gives every party member an opportunity to contribute to who emerges the flag bearer of the party and also gives them a sense of recognition unlike indirect party that tends to throw up dictatorship and impunity leading to the imposition of wrong persons as flag bearers of the party. The wife of the President Her Excellency Aisha Buhari who I respect so much as a decent personality has spoken against the perceived injustice in the party stressing that impunity will affect the party in the forthcoming general elections. She clearly stated the minds of majority members of the party especially those in Rivers state who see impunity at play in the state”.

President Buhari needs the support of fledgling members of the party in the state that cuts across all segments of the state and who are dedicated to the success of the party unlike what we are witnessing today where the support of the people is restricted to a tiny area and who are hero-worshiping a particular individual that is clearly leading the party to doom. The party leadership at the federal level must respect not only the majority members of the party in the state, but the law courts which does not recognise the charade that is the lot of the Rotimi Amaechi led faction of the party in the state. Any resort to the impunity that is currently on in the state will affect the fortunes of the state and the chances of President Buhari whose popularity has increased unlike four years ago.

The people of Rivers need the best candidate with the requisite experience and outreach to wrest power from the incumbent governor of the state who has all the resources to beat Tonye Cole hands down. If Amaechi is really keen on defeating the governor and not trying to elongate the tenure of Nyesom Wike his kinsman as alleged in some quarters, he has no reason throwing up a weak candidate as flag bearer of the party when a colossus like Sen. Magnus Ngei Abe is there. This is the logic which the party’s leadership especially the National Working Committee should consider and not kill the party in the state all in the bid to satisfy the whims and caprices of Rotimi Amaechi who clearly is working against the interest of the party in the state and the re-election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari come 2019.

Nwokoma wrote in from Rivers



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