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SWOT Analysis Of Eagle 75 Vs Eagle 72



There is a palpable euphoria in the air. People have been calling and congratulating each other on the outcome of the PDP primaries; you would think that it was the General election that had been won. This is a classic case of Clash of the Titans. When Pastor Tunde Bakare referred to the upcoming race to Aso Rock as being between eagles, I paused. As a Pastor, he understands the import of referring to and using the word ‘eagle’ as descriptive and once ‘eagle’ is mentioned the first adjective that comes to mind is the strength of the eagle (I had age in mind; maybe he should have used an owl as the metaphor but the first thing that jumps at you is old and wise. Though older isn’t necessarily wiser. PAUSE. Anyway, if age ain’t nothing but a number, then we are good!). In sticking with his metaphor, please keep in mind the aspirants as you read the few characteristics of the Eagle. Because of its size and sheer majesty, the Eagle is called the ‘king’ of the birds and has been used as the symbol of kings for thousands of years It is also referred to as the king of the sky because of the heights to which it can soar.It symbolizes strength. Eagles are fearless. An eagle will never surrender to the size or strength of its prey. It will always give a fight to win its prey or regain its territory.Eagles have keen vision. Their eyes are specially designed for long distance focus and clarity. They are tenacious and possess vitality. Are these the leadership qualities that either possesses?

Still on the matter: who would have thought that this 2019 election build-up would be this exciting, confusing, annoying yet not radically different in substance-still interests for the politicians by the politicians for the politicians! Anyway, other parties have really tried in getting themselves visible and fighting for a space at the table, but this battle is between PDP and APC. We have screamed ourselves hoarse that we should support other parties that are bent on doing new things, but we have to be realistic as well. For now, the brutal reality is that this is between PDP and APC. Any vote cast somewhere else is a waste of time. As the citizenry, let us become as deft in playing the game. Given another four years if the other parties keep up the momentum of what they are doing, they too can morph into contenders. For now, we will focus on the two in front of us.

Aspirants Analysis Of President Buhari And Atiku

Buhari’s Strengths
Mass of loyal followers
Ruled as a soldier
Perceived as not corrupt
Clean bill of health despite rocky start
Some economic strides
Wildly popular moniker-Sai Baba

Atiku’s Strengths
Former two terms vice-president
Perceived as a unifier. Wazobia in lifestyle.
Successful businessman with extremely deep pockets
Credited with talent hunting some of the brightest and best in the Obasanjo government
Creative moniker-Atikulate

Buhari’s Weaknesses
Perceived as a regional president
Overwhelmed by the cabal
Not decisive of corruption in cabinet
A confused economy
Lackluster cabinet

Atiku’s Weaknesses
Been successfully branded as the poster boy for corruption
Serial party-hopper
Was/is/was/is part of the party PDP that has been blamed for all the woes of Nigeria

Buhari’s Opportunities
Gets a second chance
Re-align the corruption train
Exhibit the lessons he’s learnt by setting up a radically new Cabinet
Retire as an elderstatesman

Atiku’s Opportunities
With allegations that he can’t travel overseas, will be a sit-at home president, thereby saving the country costs. He can skype into the meetings thereby improving the IT space.
Can key into the newly registered voters’ base

Buhari’s Threats
Renegade wife
Divided, disgruntled, unhappy, citizenry

Atiku’s Threats
MD, Nigeria Ports Authority
Disliked by the ‘elite’

Seems we are a long way off from “Not too young to run” at least at the Presidential level. Waiting in the wings though is the next crop of “youth” that lost out to Atiku still nursing the ambition.
For now we need to get fit for the Presidential elections come 2019.

Weekly Round-Up

Our eye candy, President of the Senate, Bukola ‘Babyface’ Saraki has gone back to the Senate with his automatic ticket firmly in hand. If he had been able to pull off getting the PDP Presidential ticket, that would have been the Machiavellian Move of the Political Decade! Ambition is good but timing is everything. Though he didn’t make it, he had a good outing considering he gatecrashed the party. Though Tambuwal was tipped to take the ticket, even a merger of Saraki’s votes (if he had stayed with the plan) still wouldn’t have landed Tambuwal the ticket; seems it was just time for Atiku to take the ticket.

NASS; Finally, Welcome Back.
As the NASS resumes, let’s get ready for Season 2. There’s a lot of angst, seething, unease, resentment and of course plain old politics left to se served up. I hope we can keep up. Let the games begin.
It looks as if Madam First Lady has some leadership traits she wants us to take note of; like being vocal, calling a spade a spade, courageous, spunky etc. She has come out to express her disapproval on how APC treated some of its candidates despite buying pricey forms. Remember just about two weeks ago, she also ‘outed’ her ADC for collecting ‘her’ money and had him arrested for investigation. I don’t think she meant to compare her swiftness in dealing with corruption matters. Anyway, Ma, any regular updates as to what is happening? Was any higher sum found on him/traced back to him? Did he have any accomplice? Where is he now? We are interested in these details please.

The jury is still out on Oby’s vying for the Office of the President.
I don’t understand Fayose’s threat. He has been in the eye of the APC storm for as long as he has been governor, couldn’t keep Ekiti State despite his best efforts, fought in the name of PDP, has been put on a watchlist by two powerful organisations, taunted one to come and quiz him as governor. He steps down in a few months from being governor and is out in the rain; where exactly is he threatening to leave PDP and go? He’s not an asset to APC even if he decides to defect to APC given that there are no soft-landing vacancies. Unless he knows something we don’t.



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