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Farmers/Fulani Community Synergise To Foster Peace/Unity



A Fulani group, under the auspice of Fulbe (Fulani Nation) has pledged support and cooperation with farmers in Nasarawa State and other parts of the country, saying they are ready to bridge the gap that had hitherto, breached peace and security in the country in the past.

The group made this known during a courtesy visit to a farm settlement in Nasarawa State, Gatea.

Speaking on behalf of the group, the central zonal coordinator, Shehu Bayero, said he was shocked to see the relative peace enjoyed by farmers and herders in the state.

Shehu, who said the Fulanis are peace loving people, noted that he wanted to see things like this everywhere he goes in the country and not in Nasarawa alone.

“We Fulanis are peace loving people and we owe the Fulani people the responsibility to educate them so that they won’t be misguided.”

“We are ready to give you all the support you want to ensure that your farming business expands. I have many stories to tell when I get home. We are praying to have people like you all over Nigeria, said Sanni Muhammad Lawal.

“We are happy to hear that you are ready to work with our association. We have prayed for God to bring us across people like you, fortunately we have met one.

“Look at everyone working here today, they are family men, women and youths and you have taken them out of the streets,’’ he said.

Abraham Abdulai, chairman, Fulbe, Nasarawa State, noted that: “Fulanis have been stereotyped to be what we are not but we want to change that narrative to prove to the world that we are good people and patriotic Nigerians. We are Nigerians and we will continue to play our part for the growth and progress of this country.”

While thanking the group for the visit and promise, the national coordinator, Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society, Reston Tedheke, said his love for President Muhammadu encouraged him to farm and he has never had issues with the Hausa/Fulani communities in the state.

He however charged leaders of the group with the responsibility to narrate their stories for to further give good public impression of the Hausa/Fulani group that has overtime, been wrongly narrated in the media space.



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