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CNP Endorses Etim As Presidential Candidate



National chairman, Change Nigeria Party - CNP. Comrade Usman Ikeleji A. A

The Change Nigeria Party (CNP), on Monday, endorsed Emmanuel Ishie Etim as its presidential candidate in the upcoming 2019 presidential election.

While speaking, the national chairman of the party, Comrade Usman Ikeleji, revealed that Emmanuel Etim became the presidential candidate after the party’s primaries, which held on 5th October 2018.

According to him, the decision was as a result of the fact that dominant political parties like the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had sidelined the youths from the scheme of affairs in the country.

“The dominant parties have deliberately segregated, confined and subjected young people as machineries to achieve their selfish interests at the detriment of our nation’s vibrant future. The youth are intelligent, purposeful, innovative and resourceful; if given the chance to express these qualities, Nigeria would be a nation of enviable powerhouse of repute. And we believe new breeds of young leaders can only achieve this fit.

“Emmanuel Etim is a young, rare and dynamic individual who strongly believes in a better Nigeria. He believes that building the Nigeria we desire is only possible with the inclusion of women and young people; an ideology that is strongly upheld by our great party (CNP) undisputedly, the third force.

“A great Nigeria we desire is possible with the Change Nigeria Party and Emmanuel Etim as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The presidential candidate, Emmanuel Etim, after he was handed the Certificate of Return as CNP flag bearer ahead of the 2019 general elections, remarked that his emergence was in tandem with the Not too young to run bill aimed at paving the way for the youths to take charge of the country.

Assuring that he would run an all inclusive government if voted into power, he promised to tackle the myriad of problems besetting the country.

“We believe this is our chance to recalibrate the hope of a Nigeria we all desire, and bring power back to the people whose rights have been trampled upon and robbed of all privileges by a selected few who navigate and decide the fate and destinies of both young and old faithful Nigerians.

“Today, we say to all citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria, democracy is our destiny and we need to preserve and protect it by standing and speaking loud, clear and strong with one voice, that all those who seek to squash the Nigerian dream may hear us, because this is our chance, this is our time and it’s possible to achieve the Nigeria we all can be proud of.”




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