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3 Movies Screened At 2018 Korean Film Festival



The just concluded Korean film festival 2018 was packed with fun and excitement as lovers and patrons of Korean Çulture, Movie and Cuisine were on hand to celebrate its 2018 edition. Held at the popular Silverbird Galleria, the cinemas were filled to the brim as people from all walks of life came in their numbers to enjoy the 3-day event which ended over the Weekend. The South Korean Ambassador to Nigeria, Lee In-tae, says Nigeria’s entertainment industry is thriving and he is specifically happy that this years event is holding in Abuja. He explained that though, last year’s festival was held in Lagos, he believes that this is his first experience since he was appointed an ambassador to Nigeria. He believes that the collaboration between his country and Nigeria is yielding fruits as more events and programmes that would unit both countries are still on the way.

Also speaking, the Director of Korean Cultural Centre, Han Sungrae said the movies which are to be screened are some of the best. He also explained that the purpose of the movie festival was to keep Korean movie lovers in Nigerian abreast of happenings in the movie industry in South Korea. The movies screened where ‘The Classified Files” a historical movie dating back to 1978 which talks about a veteran detective Gil-young who got a special request from a parent of a missing child, Eun-joo to investigate her case. As the clever kidnapper eludes the police, the case becomes more of a mystery. When Joong-sun, the fortuneteller for told Eun-joo’s whereabouts, people got to listen to what he says as the situations becomes more critical with no news on her. The story is a true life story of 33days of two men going through hell to finds a missing girl and bringbher back home alive.

On the second day, “Wonderful Nightmare” was screened which talks about a well known lawyer who lost his life after making 1,000 mistakes and was reborn as an ordinary housewife until he could return to what he used to be. And the third movie screened on the final day was “Kundo”, which also is historical dating back to 1859. Feudal Lose on was plagued with numerous natural disasters, poor harvest,poverty, hunger and deaths. But the rich nobles were only concerned about their own wealth and continue to exploit and prosecute the poor. ” Kundo ” was the only hope of then poor , an entity which could be subject of fear to the unjust nobles. Clouded by Vengeance, Dolmuchi was accepted as a member on the “Kundo” and unleashed his sword for the weak and poor.
It was a memorably 3-days and each day came with raffle draw and many went home with various range of Prizes. The Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria was established on May 24th 2010 to improve relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Republic of Korea as well as to foster cultural exchange between both countries. The centre provide programmes on culture, sports and education, showcasing South Korea to Nigerians.