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David Umaru: Holding No Straw As He Falls Face Flat



The recently defeated senatorial aspirant of the Niger East senatorial District, Senator David Umaru, clogging tightly to his perforated chest is out in the wilderness searching for a straw of survival. In doing so, he hired a faceless, inebriated hatchet man to dress him in borrowed robes. The writer, with conjured name, Yusuf Laz Kuyabana, however ended up smearing the already stained name of his paymaster. His first infantile gaffe was when he whimsically raised the fur of the senator, David Umaru by reminding us of the abysmal representations from David Umaru and his partners in woeful performance and legislative indolence. So underrepresented was Niger State, that the only reference from the senate was their errand traces.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have lowered my estimation to respond to a rejoinder to a claimed writer who couldn’t even differentiate between a real and a pseudo writer. A quick check would have saved him the embarrassing scorn of being identified as a hired writer basking in disguised cowardice.  Confirmed intellectual laziness is when one doubts the visible existence of an identity like me. How low a paid hatchet hireling with no substance!

Putting the record straight, when Adams Oshiomhole became the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), there was this kind of euphoria that a true democrat had taken the mantle of leadership of the ruling party. This was mostly due to the background of the National Chairman as a Labour leader. This was also partly due to the manner he won his elections as the governor of Edo State. No doubt, he performed credibly well as a governor of Edo State. Those who are close to the National Chairman have even confirmed that the National Chairman has promised to uphold the tenets of democracy in the running and activities of the party.

One of the sources even quoted the National Chairman as stating that there will be no automatic ticket in APC noting that it is even undemocratic. It is therefore troubling, the same National Chairman’s attempt of imposing Senator David Umaru on the good people of Niger East Senatorial District.  It is good he has resorted to towing the rightful path by giving mandate to deserving persons and not  to Senator David Umaru who was rejected at the poll.

Contrary to the assertion by Yusuf Laz Kuyabana, election did take place across the Senatorial Districts and a winner emerged from the exercise and that winner is Mohammed Sani Musa (313). The APC declared Musa winner of the primary election after he pooled over 39,000 votes as against over 5,100 votes recorded by Senator Umaru. The result was announced by the returning officer for the primary election, Alhaji Saidu Akawu, who said the election was peaceful, free and fair and was conducted in a transparent and orderly manner. One now wonders where Yusuf Laz Kuyabana got his information from that “election did not take place in several wards across many local government areas in the Niger East Senatorial District.

And even where some semblance of election was said to have taken place, there were glaring evidences of vote-buying with certain aspirants deploying funds to entice voters, thuggery and serious electoral malpractices. There are also instances where names of genuine delegates were replaced, even as thugs were deployed to cause mayhem in the areas that are strongholds of some aspirants. The act of brigandage was extended even to the secretariat of the party in Minna where thugs were deployed to force out results in favour of their masters. Returning officers had to be smuggled out to their respective hotels to prevent them from being lynched.”

I think the writer, in trying to appease his paymaster has to conjure the above allegations, which is very far from the truth.

It is therefore undemocratic for the same National Chairman to try install Senator David Umaru as the candidate of the party for the Niger East Senatorial District knowing fully that the same Senator Umaru did not win the primary election. This is not democracy and it can never be.    

In trying to muffle reality with falsehood, hired Yusuf reeled out some non-existent and phantom performances of Senator David Umaru as a senator representing Niger East. Even to the blind, it is lamentably evident that Senator Umaru went to the senate to be counted amongst senators, besides his cap in hand attachment to the senate president; Senator David Umaru has no traceable legislative impact on his people and on the nation.

The good people of the Niger East Senatorial District have lamented how they have suffered needless marginalisation in the past due to lack of strong voice that would bring their plights to the attention of government at the federal level. According to the people, where others sit on the table to take decisions of national and state importance, no one was there to register their minds and priorities.  Senator David Umaru has alienated himself from the electorate after his victory in 2015. The Senator was been accused of staying in Abuja and supporting Senate President Bukola Saraki against President Muhammadu Buhari. While other senators from the other states go to their constituency to interface with the constituents regularly, Senator David Umaru never visit his constituency. He never initiates or executes any empowerment programme for the youths and women of his constituency as regularly done by his colleagues from the other states.

In a related development, Umar was accused of not participating in party activities in the senatorial zone and the state in general since he went to Abuja.

The above is the fact and not the tales by Yusuf and when the people were confronted with the opportunity of electing somebody that would represent them adequately at the red chamber; they immediately grabbed the opportunity and elected Mohammed Sani Musa (313) as the candidate that would provide the representation they require in the red chamber. 





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