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NBS: Kaduna, Kano, 9 Others Contribute N131m To GDP In 5 Years



Kaduna, Kano, Akwa Ibom states and eight others have contributed N24,657,919.91 to the GDP through sectors like agriculture, mining, quarrying, electricity, gas steaming, air conditioning supply, construction, trade, and accommodation in the last five years.  The other states include: Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Rivers and Zamfara. This was disclosed by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in data for the states nominal gross domestic product (SGDP) for a five year period covering 2013-2017 released yesterday. According to the data, in 2013, the 11 states contributed food services, transportation and storage, finance and insurance among others. In 2014, there was an increment in the GDP to N25,993,472.17 cutting across the same sectors while 2015 witnessed a decline in the GDP to N23,306,771.74. However, the GDP of the nation’s economy rose to N24,131,263.60 in 2016 despite the recession the country witnessed and in 2017, there was a huge increase to N33,335,333.42 in the GDP from the aforementioned 11 states.

Also, data shows that in 2013, Kaduna had the highest contribution of N715,021.18 in the agricultural sector, Akwa Ibom N2,932,583.00 in the industry sector while Kano had N1,238,272.44 in the services sector respectively. However, during the period, Rivers contributed the highest to the GDP with N4,209,554.23. In 2014, Cross River raked in N911,291.33 in the agriculture sector, Akwa Ibom N3,217,273.02 and Kano N1,494,647.49 in the industry and services sectors respectively. During the period under review, Akwa Ibom contributed the most with the total of N4,434,197.63. In 2015, Kaduna contributed N831,034.06, Akwa Ibom N1,880,450.13 and Kano N1,544,991.36 in agriculture, industry and services sectors respectively while Rivers was a major contributor to the GDP with N3,346,670.14. The NBS also revealed that in 2016, Cross River brought in N985,831.12, Rivers N1,722,844.83 and Kano N1,686,459.81 in agriculture, industry and services sectors while Rivers curbed in N3,490,793.51 during the period. In 2017, the data revealed that in spite of the high inflation and recession, the year contributed the most to the GDP during the five year period under review. According to the data, Cross River contributed N1,054,304.17, Akwa Ibom N3,362,877.68 and Kano N2,082,390.23 in the agriculture, industry and services sectors respectively while Akwa Ibom was the major force behind the drive with a total of N5,142,862.45.


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