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When Witches Dance A Second Time



Before I am accused of being cheeky and lacking in respect, let me state my innocence as well as protest before the accusation sets in that I am not the one who originally labelled former President Obasanjo and his erstwhile Vice President and PDP’s present flag bearer for the forthcoming presidential elections, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, as witches o! Yes, I am the scion of warriors who danced with their backs, who uprooted Iroko trees with their bare hands and drank streams and rivers dry, but of a truth, I am not bold enough to label these men as such, I am a properly bred gentleman with respect for elders.

Rather, it is the oenophile and juju music lover in Olagunsoye Oyinlola, one time military administrator for Lagos State and former civilian governor of Osun State that had the temerity to describe the duo as witches when sometime in January, 2009, Abubakar paid what looked like a “mend the fence” visit to his former boss, Obasanjo at his “ No dogs, No journalists” abode in Otta Farm. Oyinlola, not only called them witches, he even stated that these witches were engaged in a dance and that it was only a brave fellow that would sit out such a dance!

So you see, yours sincerely is indeed innocent of any accusation of starting a witch hunt or writing another Malleus Malleficarum (Hammer of the Witches) matter of fact, these men were present that fateful day when Oyinlola gleefully gave members of the press such information, they  even gave broad smiles and grins, exposing their protruding stomachs  for photo ops, there was definitely not a whiff of protest from both witches, they seemed to be at home with such labelling!

As circumstances would have it, both witches were to meet again, this time the note, refrain or tone that they danced to was that of the 2019 polls and how to displace the present occupant, President Muhammadu Buhari. Before the second dance, the older witch in the person of Obasanjo had told the world countless times that the good Lord would not forgive him if he supported the other witch’s ambition to govern Nigeria. Recall that Atiku Abubakar, being the younger witch, had served Obasanjo as vice president for eight years, in which Atiku fell out of favour with Obasanjo owing to allegations of corruption, greed, disloyalty, his penchant for the diabolical and lies.

In his three volumed book, “My Watch” Obasanjo outlined how Atiku had tried to do him in while they both were in office. He accused Atiku of relying heavily on marabouts and money. Asides the book, the former president, at every mention of his Veep, would reiterate that his erstwhile deputy was unfit for leadership. In fact, Obasanjo had even grabbed the headlines when he screamed that God would not forgive him if he knowingly backed Atiku on any venture.

It is obvious that Nigerians were much taken aback by the latest entente between Obasanjo and Atiku, with the question, what had changed?  What had brought about the sudden volte-face by former President Obasanjo? What had happened to the Otta Farmer’s integrity?

For example, if Atiku was indeed unfit for office a few months ago? Then he visits you and kneels down for you meaning that he has learnt his lessons and is ready to mend fences? Haba OBJ!

Is defeating Buhari now a do or die for Obasanjo that he is so much ready to swallow what he had earlier vomited against Alhaji Atiku Abubakar just to help the cabal get rid of PMB?

One understands that Obasanjo is not happy with President Buhari, it’s his democratic right to do so, yet, I cannot find where to place Obasanjo’s rapproachment with Atiku, will it erase the weighty allegations of corruption against Atiku as seen in his handling of the privatisation programme witnessed by our national chattels go to himself and his cronies? Or his indictment by the United States Senate report as a Foreign Political Exposed Person?

Perhaps Obasanjo is driven by realism, knowing that his third force coalition is dead on arrival and requires that he backs an Atiku to at least stand a chance of seeing Buhari’s ouster, but whatever happened to statesmanship, that requires statesmen to act honourably? Is there a shred of honour in Obasanjo’s purported endorsement of Atiku? Does Obasanjo think that Nigerians and the world will ever take him and his views seriously again? No, this is not realism but political opportunism, which is at odds with what is expected of statesmen!

Nigerians must be circumspect about this second dance of witches; it is a reconciliation not in the interest of Nigerians, whose commonwealth was plundered by this same set of witches who now seek a second stint at the nation’s treasury.



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