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‘Egg Cholesterol Not Harmful To Adults’ Health’



The misgivings over cholesterol build up in the body system of adults above 40 years of age, who still consume eggs, was yesterday laid to rest as a family physician, Dr Oluwasegun Ojo, debunked the claim.
The family physician, who is also a consultant with the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Idi – Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun State, emphatically declared that there has not been any scientifically-based evidence linking egg consumption by adults with harmful body cholesterol build up. Ojo, who was a guest lecturer at this year’s World Egg Day, organised recently by the Ogun State chapter of Poultry Association of Nigeria (PANOG), explained that eating dietic cholesterol does not translate to serum cholesterol, “which is the fear of many people.” Speaking with LEADERSHIP Weekend correspondent yesterday, in Abeokuta, Ojo said every human being needs average daily cholesterol of between 200 milligrams and 300 milligrams to keep functioning properly, whereas the dietic cholesterol found in egg is just 220 milligrams. While emphasising that he practices evidenced-based-medicine, Ojo said it was high time professionals, which included medical doctors, dieticians and pharmacists, began to work towards changing the people’s myths and misconceptions about blood cholesterol through eating of eggs.

“Eggs have received lots of criticisms in the past from those who do not know about eggs and even from people who know about eggs which are medical doctors. I have been a victim of this propaganda before as I used to tell my patients with cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension and diabetes to avoid eggs, but I am better informed now”. “Research has shown that dietic cholesterol does not mean that we will have elevated blood cholesterol. Most of us adults are low respondents, so when we eat foods that have cholesterol, not only eggs, what would happen is that we will not convert it to cerum cholesterol”. “A patient actually made me to research into this five years ago. It is not all cholesterol that are bad; there are good cholesterol like the one we call ‘high-density-lipo-protein,’ which are good for the body. I saw this and was surprised. Since then, I have been preaching that we (adults) can eat eggs”.

Ojo however, cautioned that those adults who are in the habit of mixing raw eggs with evaporated (tin) milk under the guise of building blood (PCV) levels should desist from doing so. Speaking earlier at the event themed: “Protein For Life”, the PANOG’s State Chairperson, Mrs Blessing Alawode, also explained that the American Heart Foundation had given a clean bill of health to egg consumption as there is no nutrient in it that constitutes danger to adults’ health. Alawode however, appealed to the federal government to ensure that the free meal being served the school children under its School Feeding Programme contains an egg per child. She also urged the federal government to compel administrators of the Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camp to make eggs a regular feature in their diets.



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