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The Rising Human Caravans



When PMB was quoted as saying “Others who feel they have another country may choose to go…”  I chuckled as I thought, be careful what you wish for. Then I realised it would be him who would have the nightmare if a caravan of Nigerian Migrants decided to take his advice.

The news broke that a caravan of 3000 Hondurans had left Honduras on foot to cross through Guatemala and Mexico to get to the Land of the free because the migrants were poor, jobless and hungry; looking for a better life for themselves and their families.

Hondorus has a population of N9.4m (this where we boast). Currently 64 per cent (!) are living below the poverty line and so about 5,000 of them could take it no more. In a quest for a better life, they’ve become a nuisance-doing the right thing wrong. It made me wonder, if Nigerians decided to vex and walk to US, how many would go and based on simple proportion using the Honduras movement of the people episode, I can announce that about 60,000 people would make up our figure!

The seriousness of their situation would be lost on our leaders. There is a time people get fed up and if they decided on a course of action, there’s no stopping them. Whether the citizens leaving their country instead of staying and fighting for their country is right or wrong, is another issue. I would have said that the Honduran Government is embarrassed but the president has been mum; almost like good riddance, they’ve become Trump’s problem now. Once these ones succeed, another caravan will head their way. For these citizens to leave enmasse despite the dangers, desperation became their fuel.

This shows how poor governance is a ticking bomb that can lead to a mismanaged economy, society and insecurity.   


We should vote for Oby and turn this apple cart on its head.

This would have been a simple conversation. That is, if it was a simple country she was running in, a country with some form of system within that promotes and guarantees fairness; a system that allows people to aspire (I don’t mean the type of aspiration that has produced most of our leaders so far!).

Self-motivation books and talks can be extremely heady; they make you stand 10ft tall and give you that “Now That I Have Heard This, I Can Do This” feeling.  However, those principles working in an ideal situation could get the predicted results but being exaggeratedly realistic in Nigeria is not the most sensible position to be in. This is not to take away from the value of being motivated; it is just that in our clime, reality often checks motivation. However, there’s something to be said for throwing your hat in the ring; at least she isn’t just sitting on the sidelines and complaining. While Oby might have a resume, the complicated, convoluted politics in our country will not allow it no matter how “motivational” we want to be. I understand the need to talk positively and defy the status quo bias, but you have to work with the reality on the ground and this time our current status-quo is “this is the North’s turn” and Oby is not a Northerner. With the way we run our politics, she’s not even going to be a horse talk more of a dark horse!

America with a history of civilisation still caused a stir when Obama became president. However, because of the way their system is set up, there was every possibility that the impossible could be possible and he became president. This gave way for a truly dark horse or rather a dark Bisson to become president-Trump thereby keeping true to itself that if you dare you can achieve. His winning was even more stunning because despite his wealth, a lot of his campaign was run on a lean model. Everything is against her in a country deeply entrenched in all things sour- female, Southerner, Christian, playing in a field that has not been democratised, all politics is local; no grassroots connection nor appeal. Despite the feeling of the fact that Nigeria voted out its last president, do we really have the power or do we get side tracked and played and made to think that we have the power to vote but we are actually carrying out the bidding of powerful forces. If not, who has held us back to think we only have two options? (This is me playing Devil’s Advocate).

Anyway, good effort ma’am, if nothing else, your name will enter the Hall of Fame along with Sarah Jibril and Remi Sonaiya.



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