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2019: Don’t Be Swayed By Fake Promises, Group Tells Nigerians



A political pressure group, the Advanced Progressive Forum, APF, has called on Nigerian electorate to be watchful as they prepare to cast their votes for their preferred candidates in the 2019 presidential election.

While asking that the electorate not allow themselves to be deceived by promises from candidates of the various political parties, APF advised that they should rather be sure that whoever they cast their votes for, is someone who will meet their desire for a better life.

Speaking to a select group of journalists in Lagos, APF chairman, Otunba Joseph Onasanya, noted that the 2019 election was going to be a referendum between the rich and the poor; between those who want a change for better life and those who want to stick to the old order that benefits only them.

He therefore urged Nigerians to know that political promises and intention of political office seekers, are not always the same.

“Nigerians must learn to look beyond the promises of political office seekers and try to figure out real intentions behind the aspiration, if indeed they want change in their living condition.

He noted that the agenda of the APF is to help secure a better life for the people. Adding that it is therefore looking out for any of the candidates and political party that will meet its desire for Nigerians to collaborate with, in the interest of the people and a better future for Nigeria.

“Many of the parties’ candidates are after their own good and seeking opportunity to exploit the people, but the people have a duty to either allow being exploited or to take advantage of the time to seek to know who would give them a better future.”



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