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Bauchi Opposition Style of Attack



It is understandable that when an election is held and a winner emerges, people get into the fray and in such circumstances there would be mudslinging, unwarranted attacks on winners and usual things to confuse the electorate and smear the image of the personalities who excelled to victory as has been ongoing in Bauchi state when victory deserted the undesirables in the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The general elections period is in 2019. In Bauchi state, some self-appointed opponents of Governor Muhammed A. Abubakar, even before the whistle is blown for the commencement of the game, have started their campaign of calumny to smear the reputation of the governor, ostensibly against his rising profile forgetting how he fought the odds to redirect the state to the path of transparency and probity.

It is true M.A Abubakar has maintained his stand on crushing the odds that nearly crippled the state over the years. That posture attracts him baseless allegations and insults. He severally rejected suspicious requests laced with extortion from self-appointed community and political leaders. M.A Abubakar after a careful study of the modus operandi of the past administrations that were suspected to be scandalous distanced his administration from their footsteps.

At the beginning of the administration, attack dogs and greedy politicians lacking discipline and moral values were recruited to attack, humiliate and frustrate the APC government. The reason was simple. It was a fight from the penchant of opponents in collaboration with other people that are out to discredit the efforts of the government.

The legendary Martin Luther King Jr, once warned his fellow comrades while in struggle for right to self actualization in the United States. He said, “In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”

This is the least that is expected of those who must fight to gain any manner of victory, be it political or otherwise amongst civilized people anywhere. But unfortunately, opposition and their collaborators in Bauchi state saturate the social media with venom against technocrats serving to satisfy the gullible.

When patriots are building the state, opponents should honorably watch from a distance for transparency and probity to reign than cartooning themselves in the market square.

In several of their statements on the social media ostensibly to ridicule the state governor whom they see as an albatross to their political ambition, they usually end-up as wounded lions on a revenge mission. They twist facts and murder truth.

Severally, they stoop so low unlike political players. Their utterances can be likened to a drunken sailor against the leadership of M.A Abubakar. Listening to their usual folk tale and parochial lies, on state finances, it can only be ignored with nuisance value.

At the peak of their action for patronage, they treat those adjudged as upright politicians like common criminals portraying the state as a component of Banana Republic where no law exists.

As they continue to twist facts, their target remains mute as it has never been part of his strategy to join issues with lesser mortals at their political last bus stop.

Despite the blackmail, M.A Abubakar is not perturbed and neither does he lose sleep because he knows that the people remain the judges and would exonerate and defend him when the time comes. He remains in touch with the people, listens to them and ensures that their wishes and aspirations are taken care of. And this is all that matters to him and those that appreciate and adorn him as a leader.

“Those political jobbers masquerading as leaders are only interested in their pockets and welfare and therefore throw caution and discretion to the wind in discharging their habitual hatchet jobs. Bauchi state is bigger than any individual or group. Sometimes one reads and listens to foolish imaginations circulated on the media to ridicule the governor for fun. They make boastful and extremely inflaming comments that anyone who understands the burden of leadership would never dare to make. The truth is that most of those ill-hearted attackers should go for political self development.

“They should know that politics does not entail spewing lies against political opponents neither should it degenerate into invoking fire and brimstone against fellow citizens who share contrary views. The people are wise and discerning; majority know the truth and cannot therefore, be hoodwinked into empty loud – mouthed political permutations. Those greedy politicians should stop taking their personal weaknesses and moral failure to the political arena of Bauchi state.

“Allegations against M.A Abubakar are at best infantile and laughable. So far what is glaring is that the posture and utter lack of decorum by those individuals do not positively portray anyone with the sincere ambition to run the affairs of Bauchi state even if massively voted to power. They ought to know that making controversial, unfounded, malice-ridden public commentaries against real and imaginary political opponents is not a mark of brilliance”.

Opponents have overtime floated media outfits to twist facts against the governor to pull him down. And in the combined desperation, they lack political education, finesse and sense of limit. These traits are a threat to the political future of Bauchi state and the electorate must all rise up to make sure that those political misfits do not pollute the peace enjoyed. The truth is that M.A Abubakar does not deserve the atrocious campaign of calumny diverting his attention to trivial issues.

Great societies are built by patriotic citizens, not grumblers and spoilers as M.A Abubakar is battling them along with other patriots in Bauchi state. Anyway, the good thing about all these is M.A remains calm, composed, and focused to make the people smile as ever.

The social media in recent times has been awash with concocted stories portraying M.A as a failure despite the feats he has achieved at minimal cost that can be verified by doubting minds. That smells of a well funded smear campaign launched by mercenaries and hired social media attack dogs.

But if we must not be deceived, we have to revisit the meaning of failure. If a man who in two years cleaned up Bauchi of inherited crime and financial criminality, constructed several roads, built and equipped clinics, pays monthly civil servants salaries steadily and several uncountable achievements is tagged a failure then one must prefer to be a failure than a blackmailer. The so called failure means M.A is a governor that fails to satisfy the cravings of a cabal; a governor that resists intimidation to do the wrong thing and mortgage the future of his people and a governor that stands up to ask questions where necessary to benefit his people, that vowed to serve with the last drop of his blood to exit gallantly that remains worrisome to his detractors.

– Gokaru sent in this piece from Bauchi State Treasury Department   .





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