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Secret Power Of Accessories Revealed



The most powerful magic that can transform any outfit from ordinary to extra-glam is accessories. The trick of adorning them however, lies in not only knowing your accessories, but also how to choose, pair, and wear (attitude) them.

Here are some must have accessories unveiled with tricks on how to pair and wear them with matching outfits.

• The ear-rings: This divine treasure comes in different shapes, sizes, colour and pattern, and paring and matching them can be tasking. For instance, chandelier studded earrings are great for any outfit that leaves the shoulders bare. While pearl, silver or gold studs are great for transmitting cool elegance and timeless beauty.

• Neck lace/chain: This popular accessory comes in different patterns and length and a wide range of pendants to choose from. The trick is to choose small size neck chains when you are aiming for that understated elegant, cool look, and go for the long chains when aiming for a gypsy-glam-bling look. This usually works when you are wearing an outfit that exposes your neck and décolletage.

• Sunglasses: One must-have accessory for sure! It can transform your outfit and look in seconds, from the mundane and dull to instant glamour. But for that to happen, you must know which shape best suits your face.

Tip: Never buy shades without trying them and looking at in the mirror from every angle to make a good judgment about them. Then make sure to pick the bigger ones, the bigger, the better.

• Bracelet/bangles/wristlets: All these must haves go on the wrist but must not be worn all at once. All you need to know is which is appropriate for which outfits. Having an idea of what you want as your accessory for that outing is also key.

• Wristwatches: Your wristwatch doesn’t just tell the kind of person you are but also defines your outfits. So pay attention when you do buy them. Don’t be afraid to have more than one pattern in differnt colours. Buy the necessary black and brown and then indulge in a big splash of colour, especially primary colours. Buy them in all sizes and once you have the luxury of choice, you will find it fun pairing them with your outfit.

• The handbags/wallets: The magic to choosing the right handbag or wallet is determined by the event or occasion. For instance, you carry a beach bag when going to the beach, a big bag of any colour to the mall, office or visiting, and a small clutch purse for red tie events and sometimes the movies. That easy!

• Shoes: We all have heard the tired quote, ‘shoes make the outfits,’ too many times but it can never be over emphasized. It is essential that you choose the right shoes always to glam up your outfit. Never be afraid to try new colours, heights and patterns.

• Scarfs, ties, mufflers and pashminas: These accessories can liven up and add glam to all outfits and they are easy to pair. There is just one trick though, to getting it right; don’t overdo it.

• The belts: For the brothers, your choice of belts can either make or break your outfit and since perception is the key in today’s world, we urge you to reconsider just picking up any belt.

For the ladies it’s easier. Simply determine if your dress needs a belt and then chose a primary coloured belt for your own safety.

• The rings: It’s amazing what these little treasures can do to your general appearances and how, despite their small size, they attract the attention of people. These attention getters are a must have in the accessories family but, you must know whether to go for the subtle or eye popping ones. Also consider what you are wearing and what you want to portray.

• Hair scrunches, nets, pins, ribbons: Taking time out to look for unique pieces and knowing how to not only pair them but to match them is the key to adding a little allure and mystery to your looks and outfits.

• Eye lens/contacts: These trendy relatively new accessory is the key to taking the dull or boring out of your looks. The instant transformation contacts can wrought in your outfit is amazing. So if you do not still own one, hurry and get one to give your admirers something to blush about. Do well to choose the right colour though.



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