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‘APC IDPs Camp Rally A Mockery Of Victims’



Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom, has asked the APC governorship candidate Emmanuel Jime  and the leader of APC in the state, Senator George Akume to stop using his name as  their ‘blueprint’ and campaign chip, to demand votes from the electorate.

Governor Ortom who is the flag bearer of the PDP stated this while lamenting on the recent campaign rally by the APC governorship candidate alongside the Senator representing Benue North West Senator Akume at the Internally Displaced Persons Camp, Daudu.

“We watch in disbelief, the political campaign staged at one of the Daudu camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) by the All Progressives Congress (APC) which was addresed by Senator George Akume and the party’s governorship candidate, Emmanuel Jime, and wondered why of all places, the duo will chose IDP camps for a political rally.”

According to him, the duo lied to the displaced persons that they were visiting the camps to give them relief materials, only for the IDPs to discover in their dismay that it was a campaign rally.

“It is on record that the APC governorship candidate since the killings in the state has never made a single statement in condemnation of the series of attacks and killings of Benue people by armed herdsmen. He did not send even one relief material to the thousands in various camps.”

The governor through the adviser on media and ICT, Mr Tahav Agerzua described the said political campaigns targeted at people who are already traumatised as dancing on the graves of those killed during the attacks and as well as mocking the displaced persons by mounting a campaign podium to deliver a ‘sermon’ about governance at the camp.

“Where was Jime when the same people he today found useful as voters were being attacked by herdsmen with many killed and others made to sleep in the bush among reptiles and mosquitoes for weeks? Is life all about politics and votes? Did Jime care if those who came under sustained attacks lost their PVCs while running from the marauding herdsmen? Does he care how they feed, clothe and find shelter now?”

Contrary to Jime’s view of what governance is about, “I believe that my people must be alive to vote. what the IDPs in Daudu and the other camps need to hear now is not a campaign slogan but the sound of school bells for their children; the sight of what to eat and what to wear.

The people  are yearning to go back home and continue with their already shattered lives, after many months of  staying in camps and not a banner promoting a candidate. The affected people deserve the presence of security that will flush out the killer herdsmen in their areas as well as medical personnel in the camp that will treat the bruises which they suffered while fleeing from invaders, not the presence of campaign jingoists.

“Jime  should tell the people what he will do and produce his blueprint to support his presentation, not what he thinks Governor Ortom has not done.

“The Senator has failed to answer questions bordering on his abysmal representation of the people of Benue North West at the Senate in the last 12 years. His obsession with the name Samuel Ortom cannot ecplise his glaring lack of performance as a Senator.

“The Senator should respond to the issue of N2 billion allegation levelled against him and leave me alone” Ortom stated.

Governor Ortom  vowed not to be distracted by the attacks on his person and office from the APC leader and the party’s governorship candidate in Benue State, because the people know who their true leaders are. The people also know those who have found them useful only now that the election season is here.

While reiterating Ortom’s earlier position to always stand with the Benue people  before, during and after elections debunked insinuations by APC that his boss had gone to China to monitor activities at his company there was a blatant lie concocted in the pit of hell.






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