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Ukraine, Nigeria To Deepen Relations In Military, Education, Others



The embassy of Ukraine in  Nigeria  has said that the country is deepening its collaboration with Nigeria in the areas of military, education, agriculture and space technology.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Nigeria Dr Valerii Aleksandruk made this disclosure in a press briefing on the state of affairs in Ukraine-Nigeria relations and Ukraine’s status in global affairs, especially, its desire to join the European Union and NATO.

He revealed that his country maintains a very good cooperation with Nigeria in the area of military cooperation. He asserted the two countries have continued to work to increase their military cooperation.

“In the spirit of the smooth relations between Nigeria and Ukraine, we have steadfastly supported Nigeria in its fight against the Boko Haram insurgents with the supply of military hardwares” the Envoy said.

Another promising area, Aleksandruk revealed, is space technology, where he explained, Ukraine has very advanced expertise.

According to him, “Nigeria, as the most important country on the African continent, should have interest in space technology.”

On the educational collaboration, Aleksandruk said, Ukraine is a destination of choice for young Nigerians.

“Ukraine is very attractive to young Nigerians to study because the education Ukraine provides is qualitative and at reasonable price, especially, medical studies. That is why the passi

That is why the passion to study in Ukraine in very popular among Nigerian students,” he said.

The Envoy cited the growing visa issuance as an indication of cordial relations between the two countries. Ukraine, he explained, has issued 4,270 visas to Nigerians from 2016 – 2018.

In 2016, the envoy said 600 Nigerians were issued Ukrainian visas and 1,642 in 2017, over 800 of them are students.

Between January and October 2018, he said 2,028 visas were issued to Nigerians, including 1,193 students.

He said about 4,000 Nigerian students are currently studying in various Ukrainian universities.

Answering question on the desire of his country to join the European Union and NATO, Aleksandruk explained, that “Ukraine is an European country and a democratic country.

He reiterated that Ukraine’s goal is to join the EU and to be able to do that as other countries, it must meet certain criteria like carrying out varied reforms in compliance with the EU regulations.

“One of the many reasons for Russian aggression against Ukraine is because of its desire to join the EU. That is the main reason Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine and annex Crimea region, so that the Eastern part of Ukraine don’t stabilise.

“But surely, Ukraine is doing what is necessary to meet the criteria needed to join the EU. We are also working hard to be admitted as member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO. As you know, NATO is military outfit for collective security.

. This will ensure that our security is guarantee by our allies and shared prosperous future. So, Ukraine is carrying out the needed reforms to join the EU and NATO.
Speaking on the sanction imposed on Russia by the EU, US, G-7, Aleksandruk said, “The tough economic sanction imposed on Russia as a result of its aggression against Ukraine is very efficient, especially, with the support from the Unites States and European friends. They have continued to pressure Russia to stop this aggression because aggression can never be tolerated.






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