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Coping With Bad Roads In Kado, Life Camp Communities



As residents of Dape and Kado villages, including Life Camp and other adjoining settlements in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) continue face the poor state of the road linking the areas, BLESSING BATURE writes on their  plight.

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is noted to have one of the best road network in the entire Nigeria, and even in the West African sub region. In fact, Abuja, the nation’s capital city has become an example for other states, especially in terms of good roads and other infrastructure.

However, despite this, some communities in the territory are not so lucky to have good roads. Some communities in the territory still suffer from neglect, especially due to lack of good road, and other infrastructure. Such communities are Dape and Kado villages, Life Camp Junction and other areas within the axis.  Residents, who spoke to LEADERSHIP on the deplorable condition of the road, described it as unfortunate.

Though the areas concerned are uptown and show the expensive lifestyles of the dwellers, the bad road has cost lots of economic impediments. The abandoned portion of the popular Life Camp Junction has become a nightmare to road users, thereby causing traffic gridlock during rush hours and in every working day of the week, especially on Tuesdays, due to the weekly Karmo Market.

Recently, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), had demolished some houses, shops, in the name of reconstructing the road, which cause a dilemma to the residence of Karmo, Dape and Life camp, but it was like sending people back to square one, because till today, nothing was done.

Mr. Godwin Agbo, who resides in Dape village, but works in the city centre, said the situation of the road is getting worse by the day. “When the construction of this road started like three years back, we thought it would help us, but suddenly, the work was abandoned and the road became bad,” he said.

Agbo added that traffic is always very tight in the morning and worse in the evening, while some vehicles are looking for shortcut so that they will not be held up in the logjam. “When we return from work, it is another stress. Keke NAPEP operators that carry people from ARAB Junction will drop them, by Lento Aluminium, instead of Life camp Junction due to the traffic.”

Also, another resident of the area, Mr. Daniel Henry, said the road has been like thatfor over three years without government or individual attending to it, adding that it became worse during the rainy season. “The rain keeps digging the portion of the road that is bad. We learnt that the contract was given to a giant construction company, but nothing has been done.”

Henry therefore appealed to government to come to the assistance of residents of the area, and put the road in good shape so that people can drive well and the traffic issues will be solved.

LEADERSHIP also gathered the bad state of the road is not helping motorists and Keke operators that convey passengers along that axis, as they equally complained on the damages it causes to their vehicles.

One of the Keke NAPEP operators, Amodu Bello said, “The road is very bad. There is traffic jam here every time. My Keke has been damage several times on account of plying this road.” He also said many of them do not like to go beyond the good tarred road in the evening, but rather drop off passengers and return back to ARAB.

He continued:”It is unfortunate that the government finds it difficult to put the road in order. The bad road is affecting many people business and most importantly, customers no longer stop to patronize them. Traders in Kado Market have been suffering as a result of this bad road and bad drainage system. It is crippling our businesses because customers do not come as they use to. They are complaining of the traffic they face whenever they come to the market,” he added.

He called on the government to come to their aid and put the road in order so that the traders can have a sense of belonging and carry out their business activities well.

Similarly, a motorist, Muhammed Adamu said the road is a source of worry to every resident plying the area. “Not only that, I found myself visiting mechanics almost thrice a week in the cause of the bad road I ply every day myself among others.  I have a car, but I find it difficult to pass through this area because of the condition of the road.” 

He called on Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) to rehabilitate the road because, according to him, “We cannot continue with the pains we go through every day on this road.”  One of the traders, Oluchi Gbenga also lamented over the poor condition of the road, adding that the condition of the road is a threat to residents of the area.





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