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The Professor Who Wants To Be Governor



Professor Oba Abdurraheem is arguably the most uncomfortable politician in Kwara State today going by his latest outing before journalists at the Ilorin Airport. To the astonishment of all major stakeholders and supporters of the APC in the state, the professor who had just returned from Abuja where he along with former aspirants and stakeholders of the party in Kwara State came together with  governorship candidate AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in a common front solidarity visit to President Muhammad Buhari feigned ignorance of the reconciliation and consensus concluded prior to the visit of which he was a willing participant.

The journalists were visibly confounded by the professor’s denial of a process he associated with in words and action weeks before but Professor Oba cunningly parried follow up posers by quickly asserting that he remained loyal to the APC in Kwara State, shrugging off the contradiction in terms.

However, among the vast majority of APC supporters, especially stakeholders, the professor was obviously swinging again from his avowed commitment to the APC in Kwara State back to the acquired attachment to the Saraki camp where his political heart belongs as he has been doing before which earned him the tag of a mole in the state APC chapter.

This impression was further strengthened by informed reports that the professor took time off to meet his political master in Abuja where he must have been emboldened to swing back from working for the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq candidature as agreed. The professor was clearly desperate about realizing his failed and unrealistic ambition to be governor even though the looming reality of the successful emergence of his “son” AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, backed by unrivaled popularity and acceptance, overwhelming victory at the primaries and endorsement by the party headquarters, haunts him continuously.

His latest about turn has provoked party supporters in Kwara State to agitate for the expulsion of the former vice chancellor for going against the decision of the party as well as President Buhari’s endorsement of the candidate so that the party supporters can forge ahead without distraction to actualize the imminent success of AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in the 2019 election which is the main objective of the solidarity recently expressed by all supporters and stakeholders.

–Ajadi wrote from Taiwo Road, Ilorin



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