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. . . Urged To End Human Trafficking



The federal government has been urged to intensify the fight against human trafficking to eradicate the menace.

The country director of Symbols of Hope Project, Rev Lesmore Gibson Ezekiel made the call during a press conference in Abuja, yesterday.

According to him, all structures, systems, logic, ideologies, theories, policies and cultures that are tolerant to human trafficking in any guise must be confronted and condemned without further delay.

He noted that human trafficking dehumanises the victim and diminishes the inherent dignity bestowed by God, the creator.

“The project is aimed at mobilising adherents of all religions and indeed the general public in Nigeria and some selected African counties to deliberately and intentionally respond to the dehumanising acts of human trafficking in all its ramifications from socio-religious dimensions.

“The project also seeks to rekindle hope in the youth to explore the enormous potentials at home for gainful engagement through sustainable livelihood initiatives that would hopefully be supported.

“It is an indisputable fact that human trafficking in all its manifestation and expression has constituted a serious menace in our society today. It is a historical fact that slavery and slave trade have been abolished over 150 years ago, yet there are more people in slavery today than at any other time in our history. We are faced with modern forms of slavery and slave trade,” he said.

“We therefore, call on the government to ensure that push factors, some of whom have been mentioned above be addressed as speedily as possible. The government has been constitutionally obligated to ensure that citizens are protected and basic social amenities for the wellbeing of all for national cohesion and respect are provided. Undoubtedly the nation’s dignity is partly undermined by the seemingly obstinate incidence of human trafficking through illegal migration and other illicit acts,” he added.



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